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Coach John Hughes

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Cycling Past 60, Part 2: For Recreation
Focused Workout Programs for Endurance and Performance Cyclists By Coach John Hughes Do you want to be a better cyclist? Do you want to do longer and/or harder rides? Are you looking for appropriate training programs for riders in their 60s and beyond, rather than riders in their 20s or 30s? Cycling Past 60, Part 2: For Recreation builds on the foundation of information for 60+ riders in Cycl..
Eating & Drinking Like the Pros
How to Make Your Own Sports Food & Drink – Nutritional Insight from Pro Teams By Coach John Hughes You’ve probably wondered what the riders in the pro peloton eat and drink during a stage race. Coach John Hughes researched what Team Sky, Garmin-Cervélo and RadioShack riders consume before, during and after a stage and discussed the results with cycling nutrition experts. The answers may su..
Endurance Training and Riding -- 3-Article Bundle
Includes the eArticles: 1) Beyond the Century; 2) Nutrition for 100K and Beyond; and 3) Mastering the Long Ride By Coach John Hughes Want to improve your cycling? Ride more easy miles. Coach John Hughes emphasizes that low intensity endurance riding brings about specific physiological changes that don’t result from harder training. These include improving your: ability to utilize fat for en..
Gaining a Mental Edge
Using Sports Psychology to Improve Your Cycling By Coach John Hughes By the time we reach our 40s we’ve often reached a physical plateau, but there’s no age limit on gaining a mental edge that will help us become better cyclists. Coach John Hughes’ new article, Gaining a Mental Edge: Using Sports Psychology to Improve Your Cycling, shows us how. Whether you do weekend club rides, tours, ride ..
Healthy Cycling Past 50
Using cycling and other exercise to stay healthy and active as we age This title also available in a Kindle edition. By Coach John Hughes Do you want to live a longer and happier life? Do you want to reduce the risk of dying in your 50s or 60s? Do you want to feel better every day? This article will teach you what you need to do as you age into your 50s and beyond – using cycling and other ex..
Healthy Nutrition Past 50
Using nutrition to stay active, energetic, happy and fulfilled as we age By Coach John Hughes In your 50s, would you like to get up every morning feeling rested, full of vigor and excited about the day ahead? Would you like to have plenty of energy on the bike? What about in your 60s? In your 70s? And beyond? A life full of vitality results from both proper exercise and healthy nutrition. Coa..
How to Become a Better Cyclist: The Six Success Factors
By Coach John Hughes You want to become a better cyclist? Don't we all? I continually strive for improvement, and I’ve been riding more than 40 years. But what does becoming “a better cyclist” mean for you? Do you want to ride more miles than last year? Improve your health and fitness? Have more endurance? Become a better climber? Ride with a faster group on the weekends? Or do you have ..
How to Plan & Gauge Your Most Beneficial Training Efforts By Coach John Hughes Adding intensity to workouts is the fastest way to improve. Whatever your goal in cycling, intense training will benefit your body in various ways. This article explains how the right amount of intensity (and recovery) produces a significant improvement in speed, power, strength and even endurance. It includes d..
Intensity Training 2016
Using Perceived Exertion, a Heart Rate Monitor or Power Meter to Maximize Training Effectiveness By Coach John Hughes If you want to maintain the fitness you've worked so hard to achieve, or to ride faster and have more power, you need a bigger engine, says Coach John Hughes. How can you get a bigger human engine, a V-6 or even a V-8, instead of your fuel-efficient but relatively weak V-4?&nb..
Learning From the Pros
Tips From 35 Pros on How to Be a Better Rider By Coach John Hughes You’ll never match their genetics and advantages. But you, too, can learn from the pros’ cumulative expertise. You can do this by implementing some or all of the tips from 35 pros that Coach John Hughes has gathered on how to become a better rider. Recreational roadies span the spectrum from coffee-shop social cyclists to..
Mastering the Long Ride
Riding and Finishing 100 km and longer Events By Coach John Hughes The new 16-page Mastering the Long Ride focuses on the planning and skills involved in riding the ride. Section I covers pre-event preparation, including in-depth advice and tips on planning, mental preparation, organizational, equipment and fuel preparation. Section II covers the event itself, including details on navigation, ..
Nutrition for 100K and Beyond
Detailed Nutrition (and Hydration) Guidance for Successful Distance Riding By Coach John Hughes Coach Hughes provides guidance on what to eat, why, how, and how much for distances from metric centuries (62 miles; 100 km) to 24-hour events -- and beyond. He lays out how to estimate your hourly energy needs, discusses which kinds of fuel power your slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers, and ..

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