Watch Your Line

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Techniques to Improve Road Cycling Skills

by Coach Alan Canfield

This book is a great resource for beginner to mid-level roadies looking for a systematic approach to help improve their bike handling and riding skills.  Improving and refining our skills can make cycling easier, more comfortable, and safer – for ourselves and our fellow riders. Alan Canfield, a USA Cycling certified coach, experienced racer, bike fit and dynamic motion analyst, presents an orderly approach to improving road bike riding skills and efficiency.  He breaks down the principles into the "Four P's" to help orient, organize, and reinforce the skills discussed: 1) Position; 2) Pedal; 3) Precision; 4) Practice.

Canfield, a mechanical engineer by trade, infuses his analysis, techniques and tips with a unique perspective afforded by his profession. Improving handling and riding skills starts with dialing in the proper position on the bike, and he offers a detailed guide to proper positioning and bike fit in the Position chapter.  The Pedal chapter details techniques and drills for developing a smooth, efficient pedal stroke.  Developing precise control of the bike, and understanding the effects of inputs and motions on the bike, are the focus of the Precision chapter. Finally, Canfield presents numerous drills and sample workouts in the Practice chapter to develop and refine the handling skills discussed throughout.

Watch Your Line: Techniques to Improve Road Cycling Skills, runs 50 pages and includes 30 photos to illustrate concepts, as well as numerous charts to summarize and reinforce principles, and includes an array of sample workouts to help refine your handing and riding skills.

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