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  1. Great article and fantastic info. I am a 79 year old diabetic since I was 27, with a pump and cgm. I ride 4000 miles a year three on Mon., Wed., and Friday each week. Will this protocol work for me? What modifications should I make with after ride boluses (or Boli)?

  2. As always, chock full of interesting info from Dr Mirken, backed by several references.
    More importantly, Mirken honestly states that sometimes even the “experts” provide conflicting advice and study results.
    Thank you Dr Gabe!

  3. Great information. I have been following some of these protocols simply by doing what my body has been telling me to do post ride. Kind of happy accident.
    I am a 54 yr old T1 diabetic. I have been T1 since I was 20. I ride 250/300 miles a week. These suggestions do work. I will certainly try to fine tune my recovery using some of these tips. Thank you.

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