About How Many Road Miles Have You Ridden Since You Have Been an RBR Reader?

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Past Questions of the Week

How Clean Do You Like to Keep Your Bike(s)?

Should front flashers be outlawed in favor of steady front lights?

Should rear flashers be outlawed in the United States in favor of steady rear lights as in some countries in Europe?

How much of your bike repairs/maintenance do you do yourself?

Do you use embrocation, or clothing, for cold weather rides?

Do You Keep a Stock of Cycling Staples (tubes, chains, cleats, batteries) on Hand?

Do You Do Regular Maintenance to Your Bike(s) this Time of Year?

Do You Have a Holiday Riding Tradition (say, a Christmas or New Years Day Ride)?

Have you ever backed a Kickstarter (or other similar) campaign for a cycling-related product?

What distraction do you use when riding an indoor trainer or stationary bike to break the monotony?

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