What Is Your Approach to Riding in the Rain? (Choose as many answers as apply.)

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Past Questions of the Week

What Do You Spend, on Average, for a New Pair of Road Shoes?

I'm Curious What the Average Roadie Spends on a Helmet?

Do You Use (or Have You Used) Cycling to Lose or Maintain Your Weight?

What is the Difference Between Your Actual Age and Your "Fitness Age"?

What Is Your Fitness Age? (See the article in Issue 777, calculate, then vote)

Have you ever had occasion to help another cyclist in distress? (Select all that apply.)

Do You Ride a Bike as a Mode of Transportation, or is it Strictly for Exercise or Sport? (Choose all that apply.)

Do You Ever Forget to do Something to Your Bike You Meant to Do Before Your Next Ride?

Do You Have a Typical Routine You Follow to Regain Form after Vacation?

Which Area of Cycling Do You Like Most (Climbing, Flats, etc.)?

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