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Past Questions of the Week

Do You Blow Snot Rockets While Riding?

Which foot do you put down at stops?

How Long Do Your Shift and Brake Cables Typically Last?

Which would you choose, and why: cycling apparel made with sustainable, recycled or renewable materials, or with petroleum-based materials (e.g. Lycra, Spandex)?

Do You Believe (or Have Evidence) That Cars Give You a Wider Berth When You Wear Brighter Clothing and/or Use Full-Time Flashers?

Do You Take Your Mobile Phone on Rides? If So, How Do You Use it?

Are You Selective in Waving at Fellow Cyclists?

What Do You Think of the Trend Toward Smart Helmets? (see current RBR Newsletter)

What is the Biggest or Most Common Physical Issue that Affects Your Riding?

How Many Miles Do You Get, On Average, Per Chain?

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