Our Mission: To Help Other Road Riders by Sharing Experience-Driven HOW-TO Knowledge

We’re like most roadies: We love to ride. We ride when we can, as much as we can. It’s an important part of our lives.

But we’re not pros, and we never will be. We’re recreational roadies. We’re about real riding by real people. People like you.

Many of RBR’s contributors are cycling coaches (just not the big, famous, expensive ones!). Some are tech experts. Some of us race. Many don’t anymore but still like to ride fast and hard. Some prefer touring or just ambling about. Here’s the commonality: All of us have significant, useful experience to share.

We’re here to help. RBR offers the best, the broadest, and the deepest archive of HOW-TO cycling knowledge on the Internet. Whether you’re a new rider or a grizzled veteran, we’ve got info for you that will help you become a better rider and enjoy our shared passion even more.


We're not a corporate site. We are, in fact, a guppy in the big cycling pond, owned by one guy who runs the site on his own, with the help of a few other dedicated roadies and coaches as contributors – all of us focused on our How-To mission.

We're not a site focused on pro cycling news. There are a few corporate behemoths that do a great job of covering pro news. We do run some pro highlights now and then, but it's just not our focus.

We're not a product reviews-driven site. We do publish regular product reviews – based on thorough testing and offering insightful, useful information that serious rec roadies trust. But that's only one aspect of our overall How-To driven approach.

We're not a lifestyle site that ponders the deeper meaning of cycling and focuses on telling its stories. Again, we do some of that, but along with the How-To lessons that can help other cyclists learn and improve.

We're not a generalist cycling site that offers a little bit about all the different forms of cycling. Corporate magazines have that covered. We're focused on road cycling, and the How-To aspects of road riding. And we do it better than anyone.

We’ve been at this since 2001. And we’ve got thousands of pages of great, targeted, helpful articles – not to mention the best cycling eBookstore on the Internet, with over 120 titles in short-form eArticles and longer form eBooks.

And, yeah, we’re somewhat “old school” in that we’re going to ask you to support us financially in return for our hard work. It seems only fair. We’ve invested years’ worth of time, effort and money to create this great cycling resource – and it takes money to keep it going.

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