Learning how to train properly, and to improve your cycling and overall fitness, are keys to becoming a better road cyclist, and to better enjoying your time on the road. From specific training techniques and fitness-boosting workout tips to the psychological side of cycling, we offer an array of helpful advice.

Staying Fit for Life

At age 66 I’ve been a roadie for almost two-thirds of my life. When I had my annual physical last year I told my doctor his job was to keep me riding for (at least) another 20 years. When I started riding in my 20s, each spring we rode centuries and the annual Davis Double Century to get in shape for touring. In my 30s I found that I excelled at long-distance riding and I became very competitive. As I got older, though, I started exercising more for fun and fitness and less to prove anything. Today, I exercise for recreation. If it's not fun, I don't do it.

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How to Deal with Aging and Recovery

For the last 20+ years every March, I've coached at PAC Tour Training Camps in southern Arizona. We ride 60-125 miles per day for a week. If I train with consecutive longer rides on weekends beforehand, I feel pretty good at camp—but when I get home it catches up to me and I need a couple of weeks of easier riding and rest to bounce back. It didn’t used to be that way. When I started riding in my late 20s, I could push hard every day for several weeks. I was full of youth, strength and enthusiasm. But over the years my recovery time has lengthened inexorably.

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Can a Sauna Build Heat-Riding Tolerance?

Living in Seattle, there is not much opportunity to build heat tolerance by riding in hot weather, assuming that even helps. Recently, while sitting in the steam sauna, I wondered, if done regularly, would that help. If so, would the steam sauna or dry sauna be more effective. Of course, I'm really looking for any excuse to spend more time in the sauna.

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60% More Pounds Pedaled Off in 2015!

For the third year since my eBook Pedal Off The Pounds was published by RBR, the Des Moines Cycle Club once again conducted our own Pedal Off The Pounds (POTP) program this summer, with (again) astonishing results. Last year’s results were reported in a previous issue of RBR Newsletter under the title How to Lose 583 Pounds. We wondered how we could ever top that total; but we blew it away this year!

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How to Choose a Bike Club

Cycling can be a solo sport. Long rambles through the spring countryside, hard rides in the hills, weekend tours to scenic areas – all can be enjoyed with only your own thoughts for company. In fact, many cyclists prefer to go it alone. Then they can choose their own route and are free to ride hard or stop and smell the flowers, as their fancy prefers. But cycling is also the perfect group sport. It's a good idea to join a bike club even if you ride alone much of the time due to preference or your schedule. 

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Tips for Keeping Feet Warm

In a past RBR Newsletter, we answered a roadie's lament about her lack of success keeping feet warm on cold rides. Here's that exchange, followed by other helpful suggestions received from Newsletter readers. Chances are great you'll find an effective winter-cycling solution.

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How to Find Time for Cycling

We shouldn't feel excessive admiration for pro racers who log 600-mile weeks. They have plenty of time to ride and recover—that's their job. The real heroes are people like you, who find time to ride while still having a life away from the bike.  Full-time work, family commitments and cycling can be efficiently interwoven into your busy day. All it takes to schedule everything into 24 hours is maximum use of time-budgeting techniques.  Here's where to look for time slots that can accommodate your love for riding.

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