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How We Can Help Tour Companies & Your Riders

Tour companies around the world appeal to an array of both newer and more experienced cyclists looking for memorable riding opportunities.

In fact, 55% of our own readers recently said they’ve ridden several multiday tours, and another 13% said they’ve done at least a couple. One thing tour riders have in common is the desire for useful info about how to prepare for and ride tours, about the ins and outs of touring. That’s why tour companies often ask us permission to use articles like these, Top 10 Touring Tips from the Tour de Wyoming and What I Learned on the California Coast Classic, on their company website.

We actually have a LOT more than that to offer Tour Companies & Your Riders.

RBR is a comprehensive resource for how-to cycling information across all areas of importance to all levels of recreational road riders. We’ve been at this since 2001 and have thousands of pages of targeted, how-to road cycling knowledge on our site – not to mention the best cycling eBookstore on the Internet: over 120 titles in short-form eArticles and longer form eBooks.

We Offer Great How-To Resources You Can Offer Your Riders as Perks

  • We offer a FREE subscription to our weekly flagship RBR Newsletter and access to loads of free content on our site. We’ll gladly add your riders to our list (with our ironclad assurance that we don’t share our list with anyone, for any reason!). Or you can share our Sign-Up Link with your riders and let them sign up directly.
  • In addition, we offer an annual Premium Membership that allows access to our entire comprehensive, easily searchable database of how-to cycling knowledge – along with free eBooks, great product discounts, and more. We’re pleased to offer your riders 50% off the price of our annual Premium Membership! For just $12.50, your riders can tap our thousands of pages of info as a one-stop resource to research any aspect of cycling.
  • If you really want to offer a nice perk, we offer bulk Premium Membership sales at $7.50 per rider (minimum 300 riders) for an annual Premium Membership. Includes a FREE Content Package for your ride's website or newsletter (see below).
  • The RBR eBookstore is another terrific resource that your riders can access for additional in-depth info on targeted aspects of cycling. In fact, we’re planning a series on preparing for and riding tours for 2016!

RBR Offers a Content Site-Building Package to Tour Companies

  • You’re tour operators, not cycling writers. But you know it’s important to have some quality How-To info for your riders. We will happily offer your ride a package of content that you can use in your newsletter or on your site. Simply choose any 10 articles from our site, pay a small usage fee, and – voila! – you’re all set with useful, targeted articles like the ones on touring tips, above. This content is FREE if your company takes advantage of our bulk Premium Membership offer.

RBR Offers Tour Companies Discounted Ad Rates

  • Again, fully 76% of our readers have done at least one tour (68% have done more than one), and another 13% said they “would love to try one.” You won’t find a better target group than our readers and site visitors.

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