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Question:  I mount my frame pump under the top tube but it gets in the way when I pick up my bike. I've seen pumps positioned along the left seatstay. Is that safe? -- Bert M.

Coach Fred Matheny Replies: Yes, if it's done right. That's how I carry a Blackburn FP-1 pump on my Serotta Ottrott. I've never had a problem.

First, make sure your frame pump is the correct length. If the spring provides 2 inches of compression, about 1.5 inches should be taken up when the pump is installed along the seatstay.

A loose fit may let the pump dislodge on a sharp bump. You sure don't want it catching in the rear wheel.

On most models, the pump's chuck end will wedge into the junction of the bike's seatstay and seat tube. The handle end will fit into the curve of the rear dropout between the seatstay and chainstay. Be sure there's enough clearance where the pump's shaft passes the rear tire.

You might want to secure the pump to the seatstay with a thin hook-and-loop strap.

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