Road cycling is a complex sport. Learning the skills of bike-handling, navigating the rules of pacelines, dealing with road hazards and difficult conditions, knowing when and how to use various riding techniques – all of these and more form the foundation on which roadies rely on every ride. And there’s always more to learn.

How to Eat and Drink on the Bike

There are many advantages to being able to eat and drink on the move. It’s essential on long rides and a great timesaver compared to stopping. But it’s harder to do than it looks. Energy bars are tough to peel when pedaling along. Reaching for food makes the bike waver, and you find yourself needing to look down each time you want to grab a bottle. Putting it back is even trickier.

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How Can I Shift More Smoothly on Hills?

It's hilly on my home roads, and I struggle to ride efficiently. I usually shift to an easier gear at the bottom of a hill while I still have momentum. But if I need to shift again as the grade steepens and I'm mashing the pedals, the gear change is noisy and clunky. It makes my riding buddies cringe. How can I smooth things out?

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How to Hold Your Line

When you ride solo, wavering puts you at risk in traffic. With a companion, you can't ride side-by-side if you aren't steady and comfortable. And the fastest way to draw unwanted attention from experienced roadies is to wobble in the middle of a group. You can quickly improve your ability to ride a steady line. These tips will put you on the straight and narrow.

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What Emergency Rain Gear Should I Carry?

In the last month I’ve set a record, being caught in the rain on seven rides. I don't want to ride my fender bike and wear a rain jacket if the weather looks okay, but storms have been blowing in without warning. What non-bulky clothing can I carry in my jersey pockets for protection against these spring rains? 

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Happy (Cycling) Wife, Happy (Cycling) Life

I think we've all heard the old saying, Happy wife, happy life. It goes both ways, of course, and you don't have to be married to want to do what you can to please your significant other. If your spouse or partner doesn’t share your passion for cycling, it can cause some friction from time to time. But I’m sure there are many of you who wish your spouse or partner would share your love of cycling, for a variety of reasons – from mitigating that occasional "friction" to enhancing your relationship to paving the way for doing tours and cycling vacations together, and more.

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What to Do, Legally, If Hit by a Car

If you've been a roadie for any length of time, it's almost certain that you know someone who's been hit by a car while riding. It's the nightmare scenario for all of us who ride on the road, to be sure. And while we all do our best to ride safely, it's a potentiality that we really cannot afford to focus on. That said, have you ever thought seriously about what you should do, from a legal perspective, if it happens to you and you manage to avoid serious immediate injury?

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Three Essential Techniques for Roadies

Pro athletes develop simple techniques that become automatic. A three-point shooter's follow through or a golfer's silky stroke are techniques they've honed until they no longer think about them. Pro cyclists, too, develop characteristics that separate how they look on a bike from the rest of us. It's not simply a matter of appearance. Unlike golf, when you're riding, you can get scuffed up out there. Looking like a pro means safety as well as style.

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Helping New Road Cyclists Get Started

If you've been in this sport for long, you've probably seen it happen. An enthusiastic person shows up for his (or her) first ride with the local club. He's a bit intimidated by the lingo he overhears, but that's nothing compared to his anxiety about what to do and how to do it once the ride gets underway. Before long he's trailing behind, spooked by the interplay of bike wheels and feeling as wanted as an IRS agent in a Super Bowl pool.

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How Do I Learn the Etiquette of Cycling?

I'm a new rider, age 46, and have fallen in love with cycling. I've begun to do local weekend group rides. I'm improving fast. But I'm amazed at the amount of etiquette (for lack of a better term) in this sport. I often draw other riders' ire by doing things that I have no idea might be offensive -- like standing to stretch in the paceline. What gives? How do I learn this stuff?

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