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Fall Premium Giveaway Winners Announced!

By John Marsh  Without further ado, following are the winners of our Fall Premium Member Giveaway Prizes. All current Premium Members as of Oct. 8, 2017, were eligible for the random drawing for these terrific prizes. If you didn't win, don't fret. We've already got another great prize lined up, and always keep our eyes open for more.

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How Much Should You Train?

By Coach John Hughes  How much should you train? The answer: Probably not as much as you think. My friend and fellow cycling coach Neal Henderson says that 65% of the athletes he sees train too much, 25% train too little and 10% get it right – the pros who are paid to perform. Henderson is the head of Apex Coaching and was named the 2009 USA Cycling Coach of the Year. He coaches clients ranging from novices to World and Olympic champions. And he says only 10% of his clients train the proper amount!

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Bicycle Storage with Bike Hooks

By Jim Langley  My friend John bought a new house recently and asked for bike storage advice. The new place has a two-car garage with a wall he can devote to bike-hanging. So it’s a relatively easy project. I get asked this question a lot, so I thought I’d share the basic plans. First, understand that there are as many ways to store bikes as there are home and garage floor plans. The important thing is to find a way to keep your nice road bikes inside and out of the weather or else they’ll age fast. I also recommend locking them even when they’re hanging in your garage or storage area. Bike theft is on the rise.

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QoW Results Update - Just How Fit Are We Roadies?

By John Marsh I'm long overdue in providing one of my favorite types of articles – updating you on some of our most interesting recent poll results. Before I get into the individual polls, here's my one-sentence synopsis: RBR readers are a pretty fit lot who help fellow cyclists in need, wear bright, colorful jerseys and use daytime rear flashers to be seen, most enjoy solo riding, followed by climbing, often forget to do that thing to their bike they meant to do before their next ride, overwhelming ride mostly or strictly for exercise/sport, and mostly don't mind paying between $100 and $150 for a helmet.

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What Tools & Gear Should I Carry While Riding?

By Coach Rick Schultz  I am often asked coaching- and riding-related questions on rides. A recent one is a fairly common question, but it's an important one to new riders – and one that most experienced roadies find interesting in terms of comparing how they would answer it to how another rider would reply. That question is: “What are the most important tools/gear I should carry with me while on the bike?” This is a great question, because it brings up a couple of "gotchas," or catches to consider. So, let’s get to my list. (You may not agree with everything I include, and may think other items are needed. Feel free to Comment below.)

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File a 'Ride Plan' With Someone, If Possible

Editor's Note: We continue our recent series of QTs from the RBR Crew this this week's brief-but-worthy submission from Coach Dan Kehlenbach. After Dan offers his tip, I'll add a bit to it at the end. Here's what he writes: I try and file a "ride plan" with my wife and let her know the general route I plan on taking, just in case something happens. If I change plans while en route, I’ll send her a text.

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Plaques are Reversible

By Gabe Mirkin, M.D.  Most heart attacks are caused by lifestyle factors, not by genes, and the prevention of heart attacks depends far more on what you do now than what you did earlier in your life. It is an incredible tragedy that many physicians prescribe statin drugs to prevent heart attacks without also explaining the importance of lifestyle changes. Doctors are too busy to take the time to teach their patients, and many heart attack victims are guilty of not making the necessary lifestyle changes because they are not sufficiently motivated to improve their diet, to exercise and control their weight.

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