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RBR Favorites: Readers' Favorite Pedals & Tires

Editor's Note: Of late, we've been running a regular feature – providing a rundown from RBR Contributors on our favorites across the spectrum of components, nutrition, clothing, accessories, you name it. As we do these pieces, we've been compiling the various reader comments and emails with your own favorites of those various pieces of gear. This week and for the next two following we offer your feedback in the form of recent reader favorites. (Here's a link to the gamut of RBR Favorites.)

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How to Become a Better Cyclist, Part 3: Endurance Riders

By Coach John Hughes  Are you an endurance rider who wants to become a better endurance rider? Endurance riders aren’t just century riders! There is no defining distance for what is an endurance ride? An endurance ride is any ride over about an hour at a conversational pace. In these columns I’m describing how Six Success Factors apply to three different kinds of riders: Recreational, Health & Fitness; Performance; and Endurance. You may fit into two or three of these categories. A health and fitness rider who wants to increase your endurance. Or an endurance rider who wants to increase your speed.

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Choosing a Pump Head for Easy Inflation

By Jim Langley  This week, let’s go over something great to know when choosing bicycle pumps, both ones to take along on your bike for flats on the road, and home pumps (also known as “floor pumps” – because they stand up on the ground, making pumping fast and easy). This subject came up on a ride last week, when Tom – who, rain or shine, never misses one of our Wednesday night hill climbs workouts – showed us his new Lezyne pump as we were kicking back in the shade post-ride. Tom demonstrated how the pump uses a hose that hides in the hollow center of the pump when not in use.

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'Letter to Lenny' Provides Safe-Riding Tips

Editor's Note: I love it when I get an email out of the blue from an RBR reader offering to write an article on some aspect of road cycling about which they're an expert – especially since it slots in perfectly with our ongoing series of articles about safe-riding and skills that help us avoid crashes, etc. The following is from Premium Member Fred Goss, a California attorney, long-time commuter and avid roadie. His “Letter to Lenny” was first written in response to a newbie who wanted to know how to ride safely. —John Marsh

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How to Deter Dogs While Cycling

Today's QT comes to us from Premium Member (and a regular correspondent of mine) Greg Titus, an Iowa roadie who admittedly has more dog issues than most roadies based on where he rides. But he's developed what he believes to be the absolute best deterrent to any feisty, nuisance or attacking dog. He's also graciously agreed to share with fellow RBR readers his 12-page article with step-by-step instructions on how to make his "dog poppers."

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New eArticle, Bundle from Coach John Hughes

The Best of Coach Hughes: 5 eArticles to Make You a Better CyclistHow to Become a Better Cyclist: The Six Success Factors

In this new eArticle and new 5-article bundleCoach John Hughes provides a range of targeted advice to make you a better cyclist. From the six success factors to cycling improvement (in How to Become a Better Cyclist) to getting the most out of your training, to maximizing your use of intensity for performance improvement, to optimizing your recovery, to nutritional insights into how the pros eat and hydrate. Each one of these eArticles is terrific on its own merits; together, they make an indispensable set. The new Better Cyclist bundle totals 140 pages and is available at the special price of $15.96; the Premium Member bundle price of only $13.57 is a savings of $11.38 off the full price! Non-Premiums save $8.99 off the cover price vs. purchasing all 5 articles individually.

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Low-Carbohydrate Diets Harm Athletic Performance

By Gabe Mirkin, M.D.  Some people believe that if you restrict carbohydrates, you will teach your muscles to burn more fat and preserve their small store of sugar (Metabolism, 2016;65(3):100-10). That is correct, but burning more fat and less sugar for energy slows you down (Nutrients, 2014;6.7:2493-508). The limiting factor to how fast you can move over distance is the time it takes to move oxygen into muscles. Since sugar requires about 20 percent less oxygen than fat does to fuel your muscles, you need to slow down and have less power when your muscles burn fat rather than sugar.

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