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The RBR Crew's Crashes: Lessons Learned

Editor's Note: As mentioned last week, we'll start the process this week of providing some instruction and ideas on how to prevent crashes by talking in some detail about the crash history of the RBR Crew – along with the Lesson(s) learned from some of those crashes. The idea is to lay out some of what we recognize as our own mistakes or various situations that led to crashes so that RBR readers can avoid those same mistakes or dicey situations.

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Crash-Avoidance Maintenance

By Jim Langley  We’ve been sharing crash stories in order to reduce the chances of going down. Mostly, we’ve covered biffs caused by rider errors, road conditions, drivers and other cyclists. Yet, another whole crash category is those caused by bike maintenance issues. Let’s look at some common ones, what fails and what checks and maintenance to do to help avoid hitting the deck.

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How Should I Best Train for a 300K Brevet?

Editor's Note: The following Ask the Coach column resulted from our Ask RBR a Question perk. It's one of the coolest benefits of being a Premium Member: If you have a specific cycling-related question you can't find an answer to on our site and would like to ask one of our experts directly, we provide a direct connection. In this case, Michael P. asked for advice directly from Coach John Hughes.

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Our Current Premium Member Giveaway



DaHÄNGER agreed to provide one DaHÄNGER Dan (the whimsical bike hanger guy, value: $59) and one of its predecessor, a robust single-bike storage unit that doubles as a storage shelf, called DaHÄNGER (click for details; value: $149).

The two lucky winners from among all current Premium Members as of April 23 are:

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Congratulations to both! And Thank You to all our Premium Members for their support that keeps RBR going.

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Workout of the Month 3 - Static and Dynamic Core

Editor's Note: Coach Dan Kehlenbach, a long-time coach of cyclists and other endurance athletes, and a certified strength and conditioning specialist, has graciously agreed to put together a monthly series of workouts for RBR readers. This month's workout features the same preparation exercises (Phases 1 & 2) before moving into the new Circuit workouts.

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Stretching & Core Strength for Cyclists eBook

StretchingCoreStrengtheningForTheCyclist.WEBIn Stretching & Core Strengthening for the Cyclist, our new 57-page eBook, Coach Rick Schultz and Amy Schultz clear up the confusion and take the guesswork out of knowing what to do, and how to do it, to implement a stretching and core strengthening program. Amy Schultz is completing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, is an accomplished cyclist and has done extensive research on athletes and injury prevention. Amy demonstrates the proper form for all the stretching and core exercises in the eBook. STRETCHING & CORE STRENGTH FOR THE CYCLISTJust $14.95; $12.71 for Premium Members, who save 15%!

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No Amount of Overweight is Healthful

By Gabe Mirkin, M.D.  Earlier this month, researchers at Boston University and Harvard reviewed three studies following more than 225,000 adults over age 50, for eight to 20 years, and showed that being even slightly overweight can increase your risk of dying by 6 percent, and in those who are obese, by a whopping 73 percent (Annals of Internal Medicine, April 3, 2017). The main causes of death are heart and lung disease and cancers, and the more overweight you are, the greater your chance of dying prematurely.

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How to Align Your Stem with the Front Tire

For those who are perfectionists, aligning your stem/bars can be a pesky issue. Correcting the miss-alignment simply by loosening the stem and trying to nudge the bars has always been an iffy, trial-and-error exercise. Now, with this straight-edge technique, I can nudge it around during a single session and finally get it right without having to set it, go ride to try it out, then re-set, etc. So for me, it works well and gets a faster, more reliable result than what I've been doing. Maybe others will, too.

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