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RBR Readers' 'Crash' Commentary

By John Marsh  There was a lot of feedback to my article last week, The First Rule of Crashes: It's not a question if IF you crash, but WHEN. I also talked about the fact that there a million and one ways to crash, and described some. And I pointed out that in all of the crashes I described, our helmets worked exactly as intended. Your responses mostly supported each of my three main points. But some of you suggested we provide some "how-to" instruction on avoiding or better handling crashes. We'll start that next week. But first, here's a sampling of some of your incisive commentary:

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5 More Basic Bike Repair Tips

By Jim Langley  Judging from the nice feedback received on last week's Tech Talk5 Basic Bike Repair Tips, basic repair is a popular topic. It makes sense, now that the riding weather is about here (still raining here in Northern California, though). So, let’s keep it going for another week with a handful of additional fix-it hints for budding mechanics.

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Paris-Roubaix: The Six Success Factors

By Coach John Hughes  Greg Van Avermaet (BMC) won Paris-Roubaix on Sunday, soundly defeating Tom Boonen (Quick-Step) and Peter Sagan (Bora–Hansgrohe). Van Avermaet's average speed of 45.204 km/h (28.09 mph) was the fastest in the history of the race. I’ve coached racers, and I’ve competed in cycling, running, mountain biking, XC skiing, swimming and triathlons. I’ve learned that there are six factors responsible for success and improvement that apply to any sport. Different success factors are relatively important for different athletes competing in different disciplines. Here's a ranking of Van Avermaet's success factors:

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Riding the George S. Mickelson Trail

By Sheri Rosenbaum  My friend Ella has a goal to ride in every U.S. state. Back in September 2015 she had her sights set on state #45…South Dakota. I hadn’t been there since I was a kid, plus had some extra vacation time, so I decided to join her on our very own Lucy and Ethel road trip. (If you're under 50, Google it!) Since we ride at different speeds, a trail ride sounded better than a road ride. So the focus of our trip was to ride the George S. Mickelson Trail. 

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How to Handle Rough Pavement

By Coach Fred Matheny  I’ve never ridden the fabled cobblestone roads of northern France or Belgium, the ones that shake riders into insensibility in Paris-Roubaix and some of the other Spring Classics. But on my local training roads we have the next best thing for masochistic riding – genuine western Colorado chip-and-seal. Recently, they’ve been using gravel so large that a visitor would call it rocks.

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Stretching & Core Strength for Cyclists eBook

StretchingCoreStrengtheningForTheCyclist.WEBIn Stretching & Core Strengthening for the Cyclist, our new 57-page eBook, Coach Rick Schultz and Amy Schultz clear up the confusion and take the guesswork out of knowing what to do, and how to do it, to implement a stretching and core strengthening program. Amy Schultz is completing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, is an accomplished cyclist and has done extensive research on athletes and injury prevention. Amy demonstrates the proper form for all the stretching and core exercises in the eBook. STRETCHING & CORE STRENGTH FOR THE CYCLISTJust $14.95; $12.71 for Premium Members, who save 15%!

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NSAIDs May Prevent Benefits of Strength Training

By Gabe Mirkin, M.D.  Exercising against resistance strengthens muscles and bones, but taking non-steroidal pain medicines such as ibuprofen after lifting weights may prevent bones from becoming stronger (Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, April 2017;49(4):633–640). Aging weakens bones to increase risk for osteoporosis and bone fractures. The most effective way to strengthen bones and prevent this increased risk of bone fractures is to exercise against progressive resistance (Med Sci Sports Exerc, 2009:1510–30).

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