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Book Review: The Haywire Heart

By Coach David Ertl  The cornerstone of the book The Haywire Heart is the observation that lifelong endurance athletes seem to be developing heart arrhythmias, including the case of one of the authors, VeloNews tech editor Lennard Zinn, who was the focus of the cover story on the topic in VeloNews in 2015 that led to the writing of the book. The book investigates the question of whether continued exercise for sport, above and beyond what is good for health, is beneficial, or can it reach a point where it becomes detrimental?

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Washing Wheels

By Jim Langley  A couple of weeks back, we were talking about washing bicycles after rainy rides. My advice was to remove the wheels to make the task of washing them easier. However, I didn’t provide complete instructions for cleaning wheels. Two thoughts made me decide to go into more detail today. First is the fact that wheels have become so much more expensive. So, sort of like wanting to keep the expensive custom rims you might have on your vehicle shiny, you might feel the same way about your bike’s hoops. And, second, there’s actually a lot to cleaning bicycle wheels.

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How Soon Can I Ride After Strength Training?

By Coach John Hughes  I'm working on strength training to improve my leg strength. I assume that the principle for weight lifting — one should rest 48-72 hours between workouts for best strength gains — applies. If I do that, then there's hardly any time for cycling! So what's the effect of doing a ride the day after a leg workout? Does it undermine the progress I'd like to make?

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Rudy Project Windmax Helmet

By Coach Rick Schultz  The WINDMAX is one of those helmets that fits like a glove. After a minute, you forget you are even wearing it. It is comfortable, and the air flow is excellent. There’s very little wind noise that other helmets can generate, and this lid is easily adjustable to fit everyone. The price is right, too – at least by comparison. The WINDMAX is by no means inexpensive – it's top dollar for a helmet – but it is right in line with what other manufacturers charge for their top-end helmets.

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Primal Wear Extends Product Line

By Sheri Rosenbaum  In November, Denver-based Primal Wear launched a new line of cycling apparel, HT.A, that takes a rider from the bike to a day at the office or an evening out with friends. HT.A stands for “Happy Trails Apparel.” The new line provides some interesting and versatile options to add to your cycling wardrobe. I had seen some of the line at Interbike last September. Then just before Christmas the company contacted John Marsh and me to see if we would like to try anything. I selected the Ella Hoodie in navy blue. (John selected the Thelonious 3/4 stretch button-down shirt. His comments will follow mine.)

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'Maintain' Your Tires for Extra Wear

By John Marsh  Even though I do keep track of when I install my tires, I know that they're not really a component I can accurately plan to replace at a certain interval. Where the rubber meets the road is the one place on a bike that can go from perfect condition to useless almost instantly if your luck is bad enough. We've probably all got at least one such tire story. I'm not the kind of rider who wears my tires down to the nub. I do, however, take steps to "maintain" them to help prevent flats and get as much wear from them as I can.

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Even a 100-Year-Old Can Improve With Training

By Gabe Mirkin, M.D.  A new research report shows that you can improve athletic performance with proper training, even if you are over 100 years old. Traditional feeling among scientists is that aging is progressive and inevitable, and that your genetic programming causes you to age no matter what you do. This paper shows that physical training can reverse established markers of aging (J Appl Physiol, February 15, 2017).

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