Donate Unused Cycling Gear to a Good Cause

By John Marsh, Editor & Publisher

A couple of times over the past few years, I've mentioned an opportunity to donate your old and little-used cycling gear to a good cause.

Every few weeks, it seems, I get an email from a reader asking me for that information. So I thought it was a good time, as most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are quite familiar with the contents of our closets during this prime riding time, to re-run the info. And for those of you Down Under and otherwise facing the "off-season," it's likewise a good time to weed out your unused gear.

I did exactly that a couple of winters ago, going through my closets and pulling out some of the old, little-used cycling gear I’ve amassed over the years. (Unbelievable how it can pile up!)

I’m not a packrat, but I tend to keep some things (like old shoes, for instance) with the thought in mind, “Maybe I’ll need those someday for a [insert never-to-happen event here] ride, so I’ll hold onto them….”

When you could wear a different jersey every day for a month, but you wear the same five or so jerseys in rotation, it’s time for a winnowing. And what about those shorts you’ve never worn?

If you'd like to round up your used but still in good shape gear (new is fine, too: clothing and bike parts alike), you can send it off to Lon Haldeman at PAC Tour. Lon takes regular trips to Peru and Africa to donate gear he’s gathered for cyclists who don’t have the means or access to what we take for granted.

Lon told me when I last touched base with him about these programs:

“Thank you your support to help collect old bike parts and clothes for our projects in Africa and Peru. I was in Ghana, Africa, recently and we took 200 items for their racing team prizes. I will be taking another 200 items to Peru next week. Your donations are greatly appreciated!”

If you would like to send us your old jerseys, bike shorts, bike parts or frames, please send them to this address for UPS or FEDEX:

PAC Tour

P.O. Box 303

202 Prairie Pedal Lane

Sharon, WI   53585

Have a cleaner closet, and do a pay-it-forward good deed at the same time!

Reminder: Next time you're looking for the info on this donation program, just use the Search function (upper right of any page) and search for "Peru." That will pull it up.

If you have an idea for a QT, fire away. We're always looking for good info we can share with fellow roadies. We would love to hear from you with any suggestions you have. Contact us by clicking Quick Tips Ideas.

—John Marsh & The RBR Team


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