The Outspoken Cyclist: Richard Schwinn

Editor's Note: We're pleased to partner with Diane Lees and The Outspoken Podcast to provide another form of relevant, helpful cycling information to our readers. Following is Diane's intro to this week's podcast.

This week we feature a great, wide-ranging interview with the one and only Richard Schwinn on the state of the bike industry, and much, much more.

CLICK TO LISTEN - Richard Schwinn Interview

The Outspoken Cyclist podcast is an RBR partner in providing timely, useful and entertaining info "for cyclists, by cyclists." As a fellow guppy in the big cycling pond, like RBR, The Outspoken Cyclist is independently owned and run by one person, our friend in cycling Diane Lees, who is both the host of the podcast and creator of the HubBub Helmet Mirror (click for Jim Langley's review). 

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