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Coach John Hughes

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Off-Season Conditioning Past 50
12 Weeks to Greater Health and Fitness By Coach John Hughes Don’t take the off-season literally! That’s the first-sentence admonishment from Coach John Hughes. It’s more important than ever the older we get, he explains. We need down time, to be sure: a physical and mental break from more time spent on the bike and other exercise. However, as we age we are more prone to injury. If we take par..
Optimal Recovery for Improved Performance
By Coach John Hughes Want to get more benefit from your workouts? Want to increase the volume or intensity of your training? Want to improve your performance in events? Want to hurt less and enjoy riding more? Then focus on the most frequently overlooked element of successful training – your recovery. Recovery is every bit as important as the workout itself. It’s simple: Without recovery, work..
Performance Cycling Past 50
Systematic, Focused Training to Improve Your Performance By Coach John Hughes Do you strive to be a better rider? To go faster or farther, in addition to being fit and healthy? In this 22-page final installment in his “Past 50” series, Coach John Hughes describes the different factors that go into improving your performance as an older rider. As you age your body can still handle stressful rid..
Preventing and Treating Cramps
This title also available in a Kindle edition. By Coach John Hughes Cramps are something nearly all of us have to deal with from time to time. Coach Hughes provides a detailed look into the causes of cramps, helping us understand and implement prevention techniques, which he covers in-depth. Finally, he provides tips (both on-bike and off-bike, including photos) for breaking and flushing cramp..
Preventing Cycling Ailments Bundle
Includes the eArticles: 1) Butt, Hands & Feet; 2) Preventing and Treating Cramps; 3) Nutrition for 100K and Beyond; 4) Gaining a Mental Edge By Coach John Hughes In this 4-article series Coach John Hughes provides a wealth of well-researched knowledge and vast experience in how to prevent and deal with some of road cycling's typical ailments: the "troika" of pressure po..
Productive Off-Season Training for Health and Rec Riders
Focused "Pre-Season" Programs Based on Your Cycling Objectives By Coach John Hughes Don’t take the off-season literally. Instead, think of it as your pre-season. In fact, to make the most of your cycling, think of your entire cycling year in different seasons, says Coach John Hughes. Here’s how he lays out the cycling year: Pre-season. (2-3 months) The purpose is to build general fitness a..
Spring Training: 10 Weeks to Summer Fitness
Focused Spring Programs Based on Your Cycling Objectives By Coach John Hughes Optimal fitness is the result of training at different intensities, not just riding a lot. Further, the best training rides for you depend on your goals and current fitness—not all rides are appropriate for every roadie. Coach John Hughes describes five different types of training rides and recommends several combina..
Stop Cycling's Showstoppers
By Coach John Hughes Many books offered by RBR are about training for rides. This one is about finishing rides, no matter what obstacles might crop up. It's a unique and highly useful reference for all cyclists. Coach John Hughes is a multi-time finisher in the Race Across America and Paris-Brest-Paris. In rides as long as those, if something can go wrong it probably will go wrong. Reaching the ..
Summer Riding Bundle
Includes the eArticles: 1) Cycling in the Heat: Part 1 - Ride Management; 2) Cycling in the Heat: Part 2 - Hydration Management; 3) Preventing and Treating Cramps; 4) Eating & Drinking Like the Pros By Coach John Hughes In this 4-article series Coach John Hughes provides a wealth of science-based knowledge on dealing with the heat, preventing and treating cramps, and ea..
The Best of Coach Hughes: 5 eArticles to Make You a Better Cyclist
Includes the eArticles: 1) How to Become a Better Cyclist: The Six Success Factors; 2) Your Best Season Ever, Part 1; 3) Intensity Training 2016; 4) Optimal Recovery for Improved Performance; 5) Eat & Drink Like the Pros By Coach John Hughes In this 5-article bundle, Coach John Hughes provides a range of targeted eArticles to make you a better cyclist. From the six succ..
Winter Cycling Bundle
Includes the eArticles: 1) Productive Off-Season Training for Health & Recreational Riders; 2) Year-Round Cycling: How to Extend Your Cycling Season; 3) Gaining a Mental Edge: Using Sports Psychology to Improve Your Cycling By Coach John Hughes In this 3-article series Coach John Hughes shows you how to train in the off-season (what he dubs the "pre-season"), including ..
Year-Round Cycling
How to Extend Your Cycling Season By Coach John Hughes Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to have more fun on your bike by extending your cycling season throughout the year? To start building your fitness for your best summer season by continuing to ride through the winter? To cycle more for health and weight management? To get more outdoor exercise to stave off seasonal affective disorder,..

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