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Spin Again
by Scott Martin From 2004 to 2012, RBR Newsletter readers laughed, cried and were thunderstruck by the wacky wit & wisdom of Scott Martin in his column, "Scott's Spin." Now those columns – 181 of them – have been collected for this Spin Again book, a unique, insightful, sometimes twisted, often comical exploration of road cycling. Note: this is an eBook. Your purchase will be stored as a...
The Adventures of Axel Kleat
By Doug Kirk Axel Kleat (aka Doug Kirk) is a 53-year-old Michigan roadie who is a lot like all of us. But he's been gifted with a keen (some would say eccentric) ability to observe the many sides of road cycling and write about them with insight, opinion and humor. For years, Kirk's short stories were a hit in his bike club newsletter. Now 77 of them have been distilled into The Adventures of A...

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