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Bike Fit 101: Your Toolset for a Great Bike Fit

Bike Fit 101: Your Toolset for a Great Bike Fit
More Articles by: Coach Rick Schultz
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A Step-by-Step Self-Fit Manual That Also Shows You How to Find and Work With a Professional Fitter

By Rick Schultz

As a bike fit professional, Schultz has heard legion horror stories about “professional” fittings that have gone bad − leaving riders less comfortable, in more pain, and disillusioned about the whole bike-fitting industry. Simply put, that should never happen, he says. He wrote this eBook in response to ensure that a “bad fit” doesn’t happen to you.

In researching Bike Fit 101: Your Toolset for a Great Bike Fit, Schultz read all of the books and articles from the best fitters and, combined with his own experiences as a GURU-certified bike fitter, he created a best-of-the-best bike-fitting process in the form of a step-by-step how-to manual that you can use to do a bike fit yourself, or fine-tune your fit.

But this book is more than that. It also provides a toolset for those of you who prefer to work with a professional fitter. It shows you how to find a quality fitter, and how to work with that fitter to get the best possible fit for your cycling goals and needs. If you approach a professional bike fit with the toolset and knowledge gleaned from this eBook, you’ll be prepared to work with your fitter in much more of a two-way relationship – enhancing the likelihood of a great bike fit for you.

Bike Fit 101 includes what is considered a “basic fit” up to and including an “intermediate fit,” but stops shy of a “pro-fit.” A pro-fit is best accomplished on a computerized fit-machine, which measures and compares power output through many iterations of small adjustments across the spectrum. That type of fit is useful mostly for serious racers looking to squeeze out the last 1% of power. For the rest of us, getting a good basic fit, and then fine-tuning it to the level of an intermediate fit results in the comfort and power we’re looking for.

Bike Fit 101 is packed with extras, as well. Included is a handy spreadsheet (free download from the author’s website) that auto-calculates all of your fitting variables when you input the required measurements.

Also included is a table that you can fill out that lists all of your bicycle-specific parameters, components and key bicycle measurements, a gearing and cassette comparison and selector charts, summary table of the most important items a bike fitter should cover, and most importantly, recommended adjustments that you can make if you are feeling pain or discomfort after a bike fit.

Packed with 28 pages of step-by-step bike fit process flows, tips, tricks and hints, this eBook is a one-stop knowledge center of information that will prove useful to you whether you intend to do a self-fit or work with a pro to get your very best fit dialed in.

Note: this is an eBook. Your purchase will be stored as a PDF file in your customer account on the website for downloading and printing.

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