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A Rider's Guide to Building the Long Distance Bicycle
By David Rowe Cyclists who enjoy riding long distances will tell you they need a bicycle that is comfortable, durable and fast. But few can translate their needs into specifics about the frame geometry, materials, components, wheels and tires required to make it all come together. The result: Most riders are working harder and feeling more discomfort (even pain) than necessary. So, what are the...
Bike Fit 101: Your Toolset for a Great Bike Fit
A Step-by-Step Self-Fit Manual That Also Shows You How to Find and Work With a Professional Fitter By Rick Schultz As a bike fit professional, Schultz has heard legion horror stories about “professional” fittings that have gone bad − leaving riders less comfortable, in more pain, and disillusioned about the whole bike-fitting industry. Simply put, that should never happen, he says. He wrote th...
Bike Fit, 4th Ed.
By Coach Arnie Baker, M.D. In this essential book, Arnie Baker, M.D., shares his knowledge of the key catalysts for maximum cycling performance: choosing the correct frame size and then establishing a comfortable, efficient and powerful riding position. The new 4th edition of Bike Fit (introduced in March 2009) has several slight modifications, mainly about the relationship of torso length to ...
How to Travel with Your Bicycle
By Alan Bragman, D.C. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, there is no excuse for not taking your bike with you and enjoying rides at your destination. This advice- and fact-packed eBook by world-traveling cyclist Alan Bragman, D.C., includes his insights and guidance about many modes of travel -- personal vehicle (five types of racks are evaluated), airplane, train and bus. How ...
Your Home Bicycle Workshop
By Jim Langley There is nothing like Your Home Bicycle Workshop in any format, but as an eBook it really excels. It functions like a website! Author Jim Langley -- master mechanic, RBR's Tech Talk columnist, and former technical editor of Bicycling magazine -- provides scores of internal and external links as well as a very cool feature: mouse rollovers that bring up photos of 92 specialty tool...

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