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Cycling Past 50 Bundle

Cycling Past 50 Bundle
More Articles by: Coach John Hughes
Product Code: PA50BUND
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Price: $15.96

Includes the eArticles: 1) Healthy Cycling Past 50; 2) Off-Season Conditioning Past 50; 3) Healthy Nutrition Past 50; 4) Performance Cycling Past 50

By Coach John Hughes

In this 4-article series Coach John Hughes shares what you need to do as you age into your 50s and beyond – using cycling and other exercises – to increase your longevity and improve your enjoyment of life! These articles apply whether you are just taking up cycling and exercise or you’ve been a cyclist for years and intend never to stop.

Each one of these eArticles is terrific on its own merits; together, they make an indispensible 95-page set. In short, it’s a thoroughly researched, imminently useful and beneficial knowledge base that includes all 4 eArticles in the "Past 50" series (click the links to individual articles for detailed descriptions):

Healthy Cycling Past 50 – what happens as we age and how to incorporate cycling and other exercise activities into our daily lives to stay healthy and active for many years.

Off-Season Conditioning Past 50 – how to best work on your off-season conditioning given the physiological changes of aging.

Healthy Nutrition Past 50 – what to eat and drink to support both a healthy lifestyle and continuing performance.

Performance Cycling Past 50 – how to train to achieve more specific cycling goals given the physiological changes of aging.

The Premium Member bundle price is a savings of $6.39 off the full price! Non-Premiums save $4 off the cover price vs. purchasing all 4 articles individually.

Note: these are eArticles. Your purchases will be stored as a PDF file in your customer account on the website for downloading and printing.

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