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Beyond the Century

Beyond the Century
More Articles by: Coach John Hughes
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How to Train for and Ride 200 km to 1,200 km Brevets

By Coach John Hughes

This is the perfect article for those of you looking for a longer -- or longer term -- road riding goal.

Coach Hughes provides a detailed primer on randonneuring and briefly touches on the performance requirements for brevets, including: endurance, cruising speed, power, capacity to stay on the bike, on-the-bike nutrition, and night riding. He covers the 8 basic training principles, levels of training intensity, and the various phases of a successful brevet training program. He caps it off with a detailed training program designed to take you as far as you want to go: from your first 200 km brevet, all the way to a 1,000 km event and beyond.

This is the first article in Coach Hughes’ trilogy on distance riding, which includes Mastering the Long Ride and Nutrition for 100K and Beyond. Together, this trilogy is a great resource for cyclists interested in “going the distance.” The entire set is available in a cost-saving Endurance Training and Riding -- 3-Article Bundle.

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