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2-Hour Trainer Workouts
By Coach Arnie Baker, M.D. These 3 indoor training sessions are designed to build aerobic capacity, muscle strength and neuromuscular coordination. Each workout provides minute-by-minute instruction for 2 full hours in printable chart format. If you've got the time, you'll find these long sessions highly effective. You can buy this article in a money-saving bundle by Coach Arnie Baker. Click f...
30-Minute Trainer Workouts
By Coach Arnie Baker, M.D. Sure, you're pressed for time. But if you can find just half an hour to ride inside, you can train productively using the 5 workouts in this eArticle. Each is detailed minute by minute in printable workout charts. Three are targeted at improving climbing strength. You can buy this article in a money-saving bundle by Coach Arnie Baker. Click for details! Note:...
5-Minute Warm-ups for Busy Cyclists
Enhance Your Riding by Activating and Preparing the Key Muscle Groups You Use in Cycling ByCoach Dan Kehlenbach It’s one of the ironies of the busy cyclist: We spend as much time as it takes prepping our bike before a ride – and often none preparing our body. We simply can’t find the time for a pre-ride warm-up routine. But Coach Dan Kehlenbach, MS, CSCS, and a USA Cycling Level 2 Coach, says ...
Arnie Baker Bundle - 17 Articles
Special! Save a whopping $37.88 by ordering the bundle of all 17 articles by Coach Arnie Baker, M.D. Total price of the 17 articles if purchased separately: $67.83 Your bundle price for all 17 articles purchased together: Just $29.95 ($25.46 for Premium Members) A .zip file containing all 17 articles will be delivered instantly to your RBR account. Download it, open it, and start benefiting t...
Balance Training
By Coach Arnie Baker, M.D. Good balance is required for riding a bike, and for lots of other activities in daily life. This article illustrates various exercises for improving balance in general, and it lists specific on-bike skills and drills that will make you a safer and more-confident rider. You can buy this article in a money-saving bundle by Coach Arnie Baker. Click for details! Note:...
Beyond the Century
How to Train for and Ride 200 km to 1,200 km Brevets By Coach John Hughes This is the perfect article for those of you looking for a longer -- or longer term -- road riding goal. Coach Hughes provides a detailed primer on randonneuring and briefly touches on the performance requirements for brevets, including: endurance, cruising speed, power, capacity to stay on the bike, on-the-bike nutrit...
Cold-Weather Cycling
By Alan Bragman, D.C. If you want to ride through winter, you need these recommendations on medical concerns, clothing, dressing, nutrition, equipment and riding techniques. Note: this is an eArticle. Your purchase will be stored as a PDF file in your customer account on the website for downloading and printing....
Core Training for Cyclists
By Alan Bragman, D.C. Cycling strength hinges on the core strength of your abdomen and lower back. This fully illustrated article shows you simple exercises that are guaranteed to build strength, stamina, coordination and flexibility in your core muscles in just 2-3 short workouts per week. Note: this is an eArticle. Your purchase will be stored as a PDF file in your customer account on the ...
Cycling Past 50 Bundle
Includes the eArticles: 1) Healthy Cycling Past 50; 2) Off-Season Conditioning Past 50; 3) Healthy Nutrition Past 50; 4) Performance Cycling Past 50 By Coach John Hughes In this 4-article series Coach John Hughes shares what you need to do as you age into your 50s and beyond – using cycling and other exercises – to increase your longevity and improve your enjoyment of life! These articles appl...
Cycling Past 50, 60 and Beyond Bundle
Includes the 3 Cycling Past 50, 60 and Beyond Series eArticles: 1) Fit for Life; 2) Peak Fitness; and 3) Training with Intensity By Coach John Hughes In this 3-article series Coach John Hughes shares his personal insight and the current research into how different physiological systems worsen with age. In Fit for Life, he shows you that by exercising in different ways you can st...
Cycling Past 50, 60 and Beyond: Fit For Life
How to Get Fit for Life - And Have Fun Doing It By Coach John Hughes "I used to be very competitive," says Coach John Hughes. "I set two still-standing ultra-cycling records across two states. I set course records at two qualifiers for the Race Across AMerica. I did solo RAAM and have ridden seven 1,200K brevets. As I got older, though, I started exercising more for fun and fitness and less to...
Cycling Past 50, 60 and Beyond: Peak Fitness
How to Reach Your Peak Fitness Through Smart Training By Coach John Hughes You can reach your peak fitness, no matter whether you’re in your 50s, 60s or older. Just what does it mean to be very fit? According to Coach John Hughes, being fit means being in good health and physical condition because of exercise, i.e., scoring high in terms of “athletic maturity” – which he coined in his Cycling...

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