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Winter Cycling Bundle

Winter Cycling Bundle
More Articles by: Coach John Hughes
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Includes the eArticles: 1) Productive Off-Season Training for Health & Recreational Riders; 2) Year-Round Cycling: How to Extend Your Cycling Season; 3) Gaining a Mental Edge: Using Sports Psychology to Improve Your Cycling

By Coach John Hughes

In this 3-article series Coach John Hughes shows you how to train in the off-season (what he dubs the "pre-season"), including 12-week plans based on rider goals; how to extend your "riding season" outdoors, if you prefer, by learning how to properly dress, eat, ride safely and stay motivated throughout the off-season; and how to use sports psychology to improve your cycling (even long after you've plateaued physically) by focusing on the often-overlooked mental side of the sport – for which the off-season is a perfect time to "look inward" and sharpen your mental edge. (Click the headline links for complete details on each title.)

Productive Off-Season Training (subtitled: Focused "Pre-Season" Programs Based on Your Cycling Objectives)

Don’t take the off-season literally. Instead, think of it as your pre-season, says Coach Hughes. “What you should do during the pre-season depends on your cycling objectives, whether you ride primarily for your health or for recreation,” he says. “This eArticle is both for people who ride primarily for health and also those who ride for recreation. The eArticle describes different off-season activities and then combines these into:

  • A 12-week off-season exercise program to keep you healthy during the winter months
  • A 12-week, more intensive off-season program for recreational riders to build your endurance, power and speed, preparing for base training

For both groups of riders, Coach Hughes provides information on effective aerobic training, cross-training and indoor workouts that meet the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine. He also provides a detailed 12-week resistance training program, with the exercises illustrated on his website.

Year-Round Cycling: How to Extend Your Cycling Season

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to have more fun on your bike by extending your cycling season throughout the year? To start building your fitness for your best summer season by continuing to ride through the winter? To cycle more for health and weight management? To get more outdoor exercise to stave off seasonal affective disorder, or SAD? To commute more because it’s green and cheap?

Coach Hughes and most of his clients ride year-round for these and other reasons, in sometimes harsh weather. In this article, he shares his expertise on how to start cycling earlier in the spring, ride later in the fall and, if you wish, ride in the winter.

Gaining a Mental Edge: Using Sports Psychology to Improve Your Cycling

The traditional off-season is an excellent time to work on the mental side of cycling, as well.

Whether you do weekend club rides, tours, ride centuries or race, the article will teach you how to: 1) Set goals, 2) Stay motivated, 3) Build confidence, 4) Develop a game plan, 5) Deal with pre-event anxiety that hinders performance, 6) Focus during an event, 7) Tactically manage your ride during an event, and 8) Deal with pain. While it becomes increasingly difficult to improve physically after a certain age, we can continue to sharpen our mental edge as a way to improve our cycling – without respect to age.

Most cyclists can get greater improvement from investing some time each week in practicing mental skills than they could investing the same amount of time in training! Let Coach Hughes show you how.

The Premium Member bundle price is a savings of $3.49 off the full price! Non-Premiums save $1.47 off the cover price vs. purchasing all 3 articles individually.

Note: these are eArticles. Your purchases will be stored as a PDF file in your customer account on the website for downloading and printing.

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