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Gaining a Mental Edge
Using Sports Psychology to Improve Your Cycling By Coach John Hughes By the time we reach our 40s we’ve often reached a physical plateau, but there’s no age limit on gaining a mental edge that will help us become better cyclists. Coach John Hughes’ new article, Gaining a Mental Edge: Using Sports Psychology to Improve Your Cycling, shows us how. Whether you do weekend club rides, tours, ride ...
By Coach Arne Baker, M.D. Motivation depends on 2 critical elements: direction and I. They come from only one place -- deep inside. By understanding what makes you tick and why you do the things you do, you'll have another key ingredient for improving your cycling performance. You can buy this article in a money-saving bundle by Coach Arnie Baker. Click for details! Note: this is an eA...
Winter Cycling Bundle
Includes the eArticles: 1) Productive Off-Season Training for Health & Recreational Riders; 2) Year-Round Cycling: How to Extend Your Cycling Season; 3) Gaining a Mental Edge: Using Sports Psychology to Improve Your Cycling By Coach John Hughes In this 3-article series Coach John Hughes shows you how to train in the off-season (what he dubs the "pre-season"), including ...

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