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Eating & Drinking Like the Pros
How to Make Your Own Sports Food & Drink – Nutritional Insight from Pro Teams By Coach John Hughes You’ve probably wondered what the riders in the pro peloton eat and drink during a stage race. Coach John Hughes researched what Team Sky, Garmin-Cervélo and RadioShack riders consume before, during and after a stage and discussed the results with cycling nutrition experts. The answers may su...
Healthy Nutrition Past 50
Using nutrition to stay active, energetic, happy and fulfilled as we age By Coach John Hughes In your 50s, would you like to get up every morning feeling rested, full of vigor and excited about the day ahead? Would you like to have plenty of energy on the bike? What about in your 60s? In your 70s? And beyond? A life full of vitality results from both proper exercise and healthy nutrition. Coa...
Keeping Off The Pounds
A Strategy for Maintaining Body Weight in the Cycling Off-Season By Coach David Ertl, Ph.D. Coach David Ertl has written an eArticle to complement his best-selling eBook, Pedal Off The Pounds, to help you get through the off-season without gaining too much weight that has to be burned off again next spring. Keeping Off The Pounds offers an array tips for avoiding excessive eating during t...
Nutrition for 100K and Beyond
Detailed Nutrition (and Hydration) Guidance for Successful Distance Riding By Coach John Hughes Coach Hughes provides guidance on what to eat, why, how, and how much for distances from metric centuries (62 miles; 100 km) to 24-hour events -- and beyond. He lays out how to estimate your hourly energy needs, discusses which kinds of fuel power your slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers, and ...
Preventing Cycling Ailments Bundle
Includes the eArticles: 1) Butt, Hands & Feet; 2) Preventing and Treating Cramps; 3) Nutrition for 100K and Beyond; 4) Gaining a Mental Edge By Coach John Hughes In this 4-article series Coach John Hughes provides a wealth of well-researched knowledge and vast experience in how to prevent and deal with some of road cycling's typical ailments: the "troika" of pressure po...
Protein for Recovery?
By Coach Arnie Baker, M.D. Do you need to eat more protein? Does adding protein to sports drinks improve recovery? Dr. Baker's answers are based on science, not marketing hype. You can buy this article in a money-saving bundle by Coach Arnie Baker. Click for details! Note: this is an eArticle. Your purchase will be stored as a PDF file in your customer account on the website for downloading...
Summer Riding Bundle
Includes the eArticles: 1) Cycling in the Heat: Part 1 - Ride Management; 2) Cycling in the Heat: Part 2 - Hydration Management; 3) Preventing and Treating Cramps; 4) Eating & Drinking Like the Pros By Coach John Hughes In this 4-article series Coach John Hughes provides a wealth of science-based knowledge on dealing with the heat, preventing and treating cramps, and ea...
The Best of Coach Hughes: 5 eArticles to Make You a Better Cyclist
Includes the eArticles: 1) How to Become a Better Cyclist: The Six Success Factors; 2) Your Best Season Ever, Part 1; 3) Intensity Training 2016; 4) Optimal Recovery for Improved Performance; 5) Eat & Drink Like the Pros By Coach John Hughes In this 5-article bundle, Coach John Hughes provides a range of targeted eArticles to make you a better cyclist. From the six succ...

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