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Cycling in the Heat, Part 2: Hydration Management

Cycling in the Heat, Part 2: Hydration Management
More Articles by: Coach John Hughes
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By Coach John Hughes

In Cycling in the Heat, Part 2: Hydration Management, Coach John Hughes cuts through the confusion to help us understand that the science of hydration and electrolyte replacement is changing. The old advice is no longer valid. He stresses the importance of optimal hydration, finding the right balance between drinking too little and drinking too much, and also getting the specific electrolytes your body needs. In the article, he presents the latest scientific evidence and his recommendations for best managing your hydration.

We each have different genes, have acclimated differently to riding in the heat, and exercise in different conditions. Thus, any one-size-fits-all hydration plan is inherently flawed. In the excellent new 21-page article, Coach Hughes teaches you how to develop your personal hydration plan.

Cycling in the Heat, Part 2: Hydration Management covers:

  • How sweat cools you
  • Assessing your sweat rate and composition
  • How much should you drink?
  • Fluid replacement
  • Electrolyte replacement
  • Electrolyte replacement drinks
  • Electrolyte replacement supplements
  • Electrolyte replacement food
  • Hydration-related problems

This new article complements Cycling in the Heat, Part 1: Ride Management, which prepares you to ride when your body heats up -- no matter where you live, or how you ride. Its applications are equally relevant to fitness-minded recreational cyclists and performance-minded riders alike.

Both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Cycling in the Heat series are available together in 2 cost-saving bundles: Cycling in the Heat Bundle (includes both titles) and the Summer Riding Bundle (includes both titles, in addition to Preventing and Treating Cramps, and Eating & Drinking Like the Pros).

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