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Cycling Pain Treatment and Prevention – 3-Article Bundle

Cycling Pain Treatment and Prevention – 3-Article Bundle
More Articles by: Alan Bragman, D.C.
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Includes the eArticles: 1) Cycling and Lower Back Pain; 2) Neck & Upper Back Pain and Cycling; and 3) Cycling and Knee Pain

By Alan Bragman, D.C.

Dr. Bragman has written three articles about treating and preventing pain in the most common areas to cyclists -- Cycling and Lower Back Pain, Neck & Upper Back Pain and Cycling, and Cycling and Knee Pain -- which we are pleased to offer as a cost-saving bundle at a 10% savings over purchasing each article individually. (Of course, our Premium Members save an additional 15%!)

Cycling and Lower Back Pain provides a primer on the lumbar spine and explains the mechanics of lower back pain. The best way to avoid it, Dr. Bragman says, is with prevention through core strengthening and flexibility enhancement, and through proper bicycle setup. He provides step-by-step guidance on how to achieve the most comfortable bike setup. And he provides a series of flexibility and core strengthening exercises, illustrated with 17 color photos. This article is a must for cyclists suffering from lower back pain, or for those who wish to prevent it.

Neck & Upper Back Pain and Cycling Causes can include riding position, technique and pre-existing anatomical and physiological factors. The keys to prevention are proper bike and equipment setup, proper riding technique, and strengthening and stabilizing the neck, shoulders and supporting upper back muscles through exercise. Another common cause of neck and upper back pain and tightness – trigger points – has its own array of treatment options, including self-treatment. Dr. Bragman provides detailed guidance across the range of prevention techniques, including bike setup and riding technique, strength and stability exercises for the neck, shoulders and upper back, and trigger point self-treatment exercises, illustrated with 13 color photos. This article is a must for cyclists suffering from neck pain, or for those who wish to prevent it.

Cycling and Knee Pain It’s important to understand the structure and function of the knee joint, and Dr. Bragman takes us through a tutorial as he begins the article. It’s equally important to understand the common causes of knee pain, the roles of proper bike fit, setup, shoe and cleat positioning, as well as the affects of riding style and knee position. He provides guidance and tips in the article on how best to address these “common cause” issues. Fortunately, Dr. Bragman says, “strengthening and stabilizing the knee through exercises can help prevent knee pain. And if it does arise, I provide tips for treating, and recovering from, knee pain” -- including a number of strength-and-stabilization exercises. He finishes with a section on treatment and recovery.

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