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The Best of Coach Hughes: 5 eArticles to Make You a Better Cyclist

The Best of Coach Hughes: 5 eArticles to Make You a Better Cyclist
More Articles by: Coach John Hughes
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Includes the eArticles: 1) How to Become a Better Cyclist: The Six Success Factors; 2) Your Best Season Ever, Part 1; 3) Intensity Training 2016; 4) Optimal Recovery for Improved Performance; 5) Eat & Drink Like the Pros

By Coach John Hughes

In this 5-article bundle, Coach John Hughes provides a range of targeted eArticles to make you a better cyclist. From the six success factors to cycling improvement to getting the most out of your training, to maximizing your use of intensity for performance improvement, to optimizing your recovery, to nutritional insights into how the pros eat and hydrate.

Each one of these eArticles is terrific on its own merits; together, they make an indispensable set. In short, it’s a thoroughly researched, imminently useful and beneficial knowledge base that includes all 5 eArticles (click the links to individual articles for detailed descriptions).

The new bundle includes:

How to Become a Better Cyclist: The Six Success Factors – A new eArticle totaling 36 pages.

Your Best Season Ever, Part 1: A 32-page eArticle on how to plan and get the most out of your training. Published in 2015.

Intensity Training 2016: A 41-page eArticle with the latest information on how to use perceived exertion, a heart rate monitor and a power meter to maximize training effectiveness.

Optimal Recovery for Improved Performance: A 16-page eArticle with 10 different recovery techniques illustrated with 14 photos. Published in 2011.

Eat & Drink Like the Pros: A 15-page eArticle of nutritional insights from pro cycling teams. It contains a dozen recipes for you to make your own food and sports drinks. Published in 2011.

The Best of Coach Hughes: 5 eArticles to Make You a Better Cyclist totals 140 pages and is available at the special price of $15.96 (this is a special 5-for-the-price-of-4 discount).

The Premium Member bundle price of $13.57 is a savings of $11.38 off the full price! Non-Premiums save $8.99 off the cover price vs. purchasing all 5 articles individually.

Note: these are eArticles. Your purchases will be stored as a PDF file in your customer account on the website for downloading and printing.

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