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Preventing Cycling Ailments Bundle

Preventing Cycling Ailments Bundle
More Articles by: Coach John Hughes
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Includes the eArticles: 1) Butt, Hands & Feet; 2) Preventing and Treating Cramps; 3) Nutrition for 100K and Beyond; 4) Gaining a Mental Edge

By Coach John Hughes

In this 4-article series Coach John Hughes provides a wealth of well-researched knowledge and vast experience in how to prevent and deal with some of road cycling's typical ailments: the "troika" of pressure points – issues with your butt, hands & feet; the scourge of cramps; nausea, bonking and other fuel-related maladies related to nutrition; and the power of the mental side to help forestall or overcome these and other on-bike issues.

Each one of these eArticles is terrific on its own merits; together, they make an indispensible set. In short, it’s a thoroughly researched, imminently useful and beneficial knowledge base that includes all 4 eArticles (click the links to individual articles for detailed descriptions).

Butt, Hands & Feet: Preventing & Treating Pain in Cycling's Pressure Points – Coach Hughes looks at general causal factors, which can help you understand how to prevent problems at cycling’s pressure points, and then focuses on the specific factors that relate to the butt, hands and feet. He breaks down how equipment, fitness, technique, nutrition and anatomy can work in tandem to cause pressure-related sores and soreness. And he reveals how to best prevent these, and treat existing cases.

Preventing and Treating Cramps – Coach Hughes provides a detailed look into the causes of cramps, helping us understand and implement prevention techniques, which he covers in-depth. Finally, he provides tips (both on-bike and off-bike, including photos) for breaking and flushing cramps.

Nutrition for 100K and Beyond – Coach Hughes provides guidance on what to eat, why, how, and how much for distances from metric centuries (62 miles; 100 km) to 24-hour events – and beyond. He lays out how to estimate your hourly energy needs, discusses which kinds of fuel power your slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers, and why this is important.

Gaining a Mental Edge: Using Sports Psychology to Improve Your Cycling – Whether you do weekend club rides, tours, ride centuries or race, the article will teach you how to: 1) Set goals, 2) Stay motivated, 3) Build confidence, 4) Develop a game plan, 5) Deal with pre-event anxiety that hinders performance, 6) Focus during an event, 7) Tactically manage your ride during an event, and 8) Deal with pain. While it becomes increasingly difficult to improve physically after a certain age, we can continue to sharpen our mental edge as a way to improve our cycling – without respect to age.

The Premium Member bundle price is a savings of $6.39 off the full price! Non-Premiums save $4 off the cover price vs. purchasing all 4 articles individually.

Note: these are eArticles. Your purchases will be stored as a PDF file in your customer account on the website for downloading and printing.

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