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Holiday Season Special Offers for All Readers

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been working with a couple of different companies to line up some special offers on great cycling gear to offer you during the holidays. There are savings to be had for both non-Premium readers and our Premium Members -- who can save as much as $125 on carbon pedals!

If you're not already a Premium Member, consider joining as a holiday gift to yourself in order to reap these sensational savings -- while supporting RBR at the same time. -- John Marsh


Huge Discounts for Premium Members

  1. $125 discount on carbon pedals (your choice of either the Stratics Carbon Pedal, regular price $199; you pay ONLY $74!, OR the Stratics Carbon Ti Pedal, regular price $299; you pay ONLY $174!) [Note: Click to read our review of the Stratics Carbon pedals.]
  2. $65 discount on s5 pedals (your choice of either the Stratics S5 COMP Pedal, regular price $139; you pay ONLY $74!, OR the Stratics S5 Light Action Pedal, regular price $139; you pay ONLY $74!)
  3. $50 discount on Fondo Pedals (regular price $99; you pay ONLY $49!)

PREMIUM MEMBERS: Click Sponsor Special Offers to access the discount codes you’ll need to reap these savings. (Make sure you’re logged in first.)

For both non-Premium Readers and Premium Members

  • 15% discount on any non-sale bike or component (cannot be combined with the special Premium Member discounts)! Use discount code RBR15SALE (all caps!) to get this 15% discount.

These special offers from SAMPSON SPORTS expire December 31, 2014.

From LifeBEAM:

Discounts for Premium Members

  • 15% discount on anything in the store! [Note: Click to read our review of the LifeBEAM Helmet, which features an optical sensor for heart rate built into the helmet.]

PREMIUM MEMBERS: Click Sponsor Special Offers to access the discount code you’ll need to get the 15% discount. (Make sure you’re logged in first.)

For non-Premium Readers

  • 10% discount on anything in the store! Use discount code snow to get this 10% discount.

These special offers from LifeBEAM expire December 31, 2014.


Young Cyclists Looking for ‘Bicycle Buddies’ for Cancer Ride

Editor’s Note:  The following is from the Community Engagement Chair of a cancer-support ride featuring college students riding from Texas to Alaska to raise money for cancer research and support groups. The Texas 4000 group is looking for “pen pals” to correspond with during the ride. Please read on for more details.

By Logan DeBord

Texas 4000 is a group of about 90 college students who ride their bicycles from Austin, Texas, to Anchorage, Alaska, each summer. Before they begin their trip, each rider raises at least $4,500, a dollar for every mile ridden, which goes to MD Anderson Cancer Center, the UT Biomedical Engineering Department, and LIVESTRONG Navigation Services. Our riders aim to embody the ideals of Hope, Knowledge, and Charity before, during, and after the ride.

Our newly-established Bicycle Buddies program can best be described as a pen pal system. The program pairs a rider with someone who is currently fighting cancer or has survived it. As soon as the Buddies are paired, they will communicate before and during the summer ride by sending pictures, email or letters. Correspondence includes any updates via phone calls, emails, texts, pictures, video chats, etc. We will ask community members, nurses, doctors, and family members to nominate anyone that they believe will be interested in joining the program. Nominees can be of any age.  

By pairing up with a rider, we hope that each Bicycle Buddy back home will see just how powerful their fight is. Each Texas 4000 cyclist joined the organization to fight for his or her loved ones who have or currently are battling cancer. By reaching out to cancer fighters, we want to communicate that our team rides for the entire community. With this program, we hope that each Bicycle Buddy pair can use each other for support, companionship, and motivation.

We ask that you share this information through any avenue of communication to reach those who may be interested. Here’s how you can get more information on how to become a Bicycle Buddy. While we do have a limited number of riders, we will continue to assign Buddies on a rolling basis until there are no more available. Visit for complete information on our group. Thank you so much for your consideration!


Edison Nation: A Chance to Benefit Ride 2 Recovery

Between now and December 22, Edison Nation is inviting veterans and active duty military personnel to submit their new product ideas to benefit Ride 2 Recovery.

Ride 2 Recovery helps injured veterans and those with PTSD improve their health and wellness through individual and group cycling programs at military bases, as well as on seven long-distance challenge events staged each year. According to the group, “Cycling has proven to be a catalyst in the recovery process by providing a new physical challenge while concurrently helping to cope with the mental challenges.”

The idea behind the Edison Nation project is to bring the new product ideas of yet more military personnel to market in ways that will help benefit Ride 2 Recovery.

Spread the word about the program and visit the Edison Nation website for full details.


Fit for Life, Bike Fit 101, and Other Upcoming eBookstore Titles

Just launched last week: The latest from Coach John Hughes, our expert on nutrition and aging -- Cycling Past 50, 60 and Beyond: Fit For Life.

“While road cycling remains my primary sport, I’ve incorporated a number of other sports and activities into my overall recreation," he says. The result: "I’m fitter than I’ve been for years – and I’ve had more FUN getting this fit than I’ve had in years!"

Different physiological systems worsen with age, and by exercising in different ways you can stay fitter than if you just ride your road bike. The article shows how you can exercise in different ways to be fitter for life and have fun. It provides a variety of exercise options available to you to strengthen your body’s functions that keep you alive and help to keep you fit for life, including the aerobic, skeletal, muscular, neural, core and balance systems. Many of these options to road cycling are also great alternatives as winter approaches.

Fit for Life is packed with 34+ pages of detailed information.

Also New to the RBR eBookstore

A terrific new eBook from Rick Schultz, who in addition to being one of our regular product reviewers, runs his own bike-fitting business.

What sets Bike Fit 101: Your Toolset for a Great Bike Fit apart from other fitting books is this: It is packed with details that you can use to do a complete self-fit – BUT it is also designed to give you the “tools” and knowledge to help ensure you can find and work with a professional fitter to get the best possible fit for you.

Like most of us, Rick has heard legion horror stories about “professional” fittings that left riders less comfortable, in more pain, etc., AFTER the fitting. That should never happen. And Rick’s eBook was written as a response to ensure that it doesn’t happen for you.

Coming Soon: New Shoulder Injury Treatment and Prevention eArticle

Dr. Alan Bragman has a new title, as well, Shoulder Injuries and Cycling: A Guide to Treatment and Prevention, which is next in our publication queue.

Shoulder injuries are extremely common with cyclists, Dr. Bragman points out. In fact, both he and I have had one.

Understanding the shoulder’s anatomy, and the various exercises used to address the different types of shoulder injuries or problems, can benefit cyclists – whether you’re trying on your own to overcome a less-serious shoulder problem or working with a physical therapist or other medical professional to rehabilitate a traumatic injury.

This knowledge, and the various strengthening exercises, may also help you avoid some of the typical shoulder problems as well. They are recommended for overall strengthening and stability of the upper extremities, with the goal of increasing your riding comfort and avoiding injury.


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