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New RBR Kits Are Now Available!

RBR’s brand new full kits are now available for sale directly from Voler. I was going to wait until the new site launched to make them available, but I figured, why wait?

The new kits feature the main colors of our new website. I think you’ll find them bright, vibrant and super good-looking! (Full graphics, front and back, are on the Voler site. Here's a taste.)

You can check out all the new stuff at:

Voler has available for sale both Men’s and Women’s full-zip, race cut jerseys (non-Premium price: $79; Premium price: $53) and ¾-zip, club cut jerseys (non-Premium price: $75; Premium price: $49), along with both Men’s and Women’s shorts (non-Premium price: $79; Premium price: $50) and bibs (non-Premium price: $89; Premium price: $55).

The kits are produced on demand, so once you place your order, Voler makes the gear in their California factory and ships it directly to you.

In addition, Voler will be offering the vintage RBR “Red Stripe” jersey we did two years ago. Check back to our sales page on Voler for that.

Premium Members: To access the instructions and promo code to save 33% on our new kit, while logged in click (Your price for a full kit, including full-zip jersey and bib shorts, is just $108, a savings of $60!)

Send along photos of yourself in the new RBR kit when you can. We’d love to run a few!

---John Marsh


The Importance of Keeping Cycling Fun

British rider Elizabeth Armitstead (Boels-Dolmans) took the overall World Cup title by winning the GP de Plouay-Bretagne in France on Saturday.

This year’s World Cup has been one of the most exciting in recent years. The overall winner didn’t claim victory until the final lap of the final race. Last year Armistead led the series from start to finish. This year three different women have worn the leader’s jersey, which changed hands six times throughout the series.

Armitstead has been racing professionally since 2008. She took silver in the 2012 Olympic road rice behind Marianne Vos and has won the British national road race three times.

She is one of over 20 pros featured in Coach John Hughes’ upcoming eArticle, Learning from the Pros.

Armistead says, “I wish I had known when I was a teenager not to miss important family events for racing. You don’t remember the races and you don’t need to take it so seriously so soon. And as things do become more serious, don’t try to do everything yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for advice and support.

“But above all, don’t get too serious too young, and always be honest.”

In short, Armistead believes, having fun and enjoying the truly important aspects of life – time with family, friends, and outside interests – helps keeps cycling fun and a pursuit of passion, rather than becoming drudgery.

It’s something that can happen to a cyclist at any level, if you let it. But there are plenty of ways to avoid it, too.

Coach Hughes new eArticle will feature tips from pros on training, nutrition, strategy and tactics, and mental preparation to help you become a stronger rider – and to help you avoid the possible pitfalls along the way!

Learning from the Pros will be the first eArticle to launch on our new website. Look for it soon.



Interbike In 2 Weeks – No Issue on Sept. 17

As we do each year, we’ll be covering the massive Interbike trade show to see what’s new, exciting and potentially game-changing in the world of road bikes, cycling gear and apparel.

A couple of noteworthy things we’ll be paying close attention to this year include:

SRAM’s new wireless shifters and derailleurs. There aren’t many products that come along in cycling that really represent a paradigm shift, to borrow from the business world. Electronic shifting not so long ago was one of those, and now comes wireless shifting. From what we’ve seen already, it will be quite interesting to check out not only what SRAM has done, but what Shimano, Campy and others have in the works.

The PowerBeat power meter from WattTeam.  It’s basically a new plug-and-play approach to the burgeoning power meter market. But it’s a system that fits on any bike, and any crankset – because the sensors are held in place between the pedal and the crankarm. The pedal is effectively the bolt that attaches the unit. The PowerBeat also works with any head unit that works with power. Should be interesting to see it live.

New and updated MIPS and similar helmet technology.  Last year ushered in the MIPS revolution, but not all of the major helmet makers opted to buy into MIPS. At least a couple told us they were working on their own proprietary helmet safety technology. We’ll be checking back on that and keeping our eyes open for anything new that helps keep roadies safer.

Those are just a few of the big-ticket items we’ll be covering. As always, we’ll work to line up multiple product tests for the rest of this year and into 2016. And we’ll spend much of the two post-Interbike issues of RBR Newsletter featuring our best-of-show coverage from myself, tech guru Jim Langley and Review Crew member Paul Smith.


Still Working Toward New RBR Website Launch

I just wanted to keep you posted that we're still putting the finishing touches on the new site.

Because of the nature of the work involved in migrating our big, hairy database, instead of picking a hard and fast date for the new site launch, we’re aiming for a range, basically the first couple of weeks of September. Still aiming for  that. If it stretches beyond that, I’ll let you know.

We will take the sight live immediately after the migration, so that any future “records” in the database (new purchases of eBooks, Premium Memberships, etc.) are recorded appropriately.

Also be on the lookout for an email from me at the time we start to work on the database. The email will be a request to kindly hold off on any new transactions until the new site is live. Again, we want to ensure that we’re moving over all possible transactions and data records at that time.

Once the site is, in fact, live, I’ll send out another brief email to let you know.

How to Log In to The New Site

On the new site, you’ll be able to log in using the blue Log In button in the upper, right corner of every page. You’ll simply input your existing user account email address and password. (We may need to provide you a temporary password and ask that you reset your password. I will clarify that whenever we know for certain.)

Once logged in, you’ll see the My Account page, where you can edit your account information, change your password, view your Downloads, etc. (See screen shots, below.)

When Logged In as a Premium Member

You’ll note that when logged in as a Premium Member, all prices of eBooks, eArticles, caps, waterproof cycling wallets, etc., will display like this ($4.99 $4.24), with the non-Premium (regular) price crossed through, and your Premium price (discounted 15%) displayed. See the screen shot for an actual view from the new Bookstore.

Search Field, User Q&As, Help

Also note that you’ll find the SEARCH field right under and to the left of the blue Login button (see screen shot). And right next to the SEARCH field you’ll find the User Q&As and Help links. If you need answers to any user questions, please take a look at the Q&As as your first step. If you can’t find your answer there, click the Help link and let us know.

How to Access Newsletter on New Site

Finally, on the Home Page, you’ll see the teaser copy for what’s in the current week’s issue. To read it, just click the link that says "Read This Week's Newsletter" (see arrow on screen shot above). And from any page on the site, you can always access the most recent Newsletters from the 3rd column (see arrow pointing to the right), which lists the Newsletters by issue number and date.

Of course, the weekly email will send you right to the current issue.

While reading each issue, if you’d like to just move from one article to the next, you can simply click the orange NEXT button (or PREV, for Previous) button at the bottom of each article. (The same holds true for all articles on the site within each section – say, Advanced Skills, or Nutrition, etc.)

To return to the This Week's Newsletter page and see all the article teasers, you can simply click the Issue No. XXX link at the top of each article. See the screen shot below.

I urge you to play around with the site when it goes live and you’ll quickly get a feeling for how easy it is to use.

I appreciate your understanding and helpfulness as we work to get the new site on the road, as it were. I think you’re really going to like it!



Our Next Premium Prize -- Selle Anatomica X Series Saddle

Selle Anatomica has agreed to provide one of its X Series Saddles as our next Premium Member Giveaway prize! The Selle Anatomic X Series Saddle (click to read our 4.5-star review), is a full-grain leather, Made in the USA saddle renowned for its looks and its long-distance comfort right out of the box.


Any new or renewing Premium Members between July 1 (when we gave away our last great prize) and September 30 are eligible for the drawing. We’ll announce the winner in the October 1 RBR Newsletter.

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