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Close Call Database Argues for Bike Cameras as Deterrent

Our friend in cycling safety and founder of Close Call Database, Ernest Ezis, tipped us to his latest blog post on the site, which he titled, Bring on the Cameras.

In it, he lays out a clear, compelling argument in favor of (especially) rear-view cameras on road bikes as a deterrent to bad motorist behavior.

He argues that the deck is clearly stacked against cyclists in terms of any “driver’s word against cyclist’s word” situation, as police – it seems – have an inherent bias against cyclists. Not only do cyclists often lose in cases where the motorist was clearly in the wrong, the lesson learned by drivers in such cases is: I can get away with this, emboldening them when punishment and contrition should have taken place.

Ezis argues that cameras capture objective evidence and can often tell a story that cyclists can’t tell on their own – including capturing details of the vehicle involved (tag number, etc.).

I urge you read the piece yourself. You may not agree with it 100%, but it is certainly thought-provoking and relevant.

--- John Marsh


The Little 500 Rolls Again This Weekend

AXS TV will broadcast Indiana University’s famed Little 500, the largest and oldest collegiate bike race in the U.S., for the 13th consecutive year on April 24 and 25.

The network’s live coverage of this unique sporting event begins with the Women’s race on Friday, April 24, at 4 p.m. ET, followed by the Men’s race on Saturday, April 25, at 2 p.m. ET.

Continuing its storied tradition, the 65th Annual Little 500 features 33 four-person teams, racing “relay-style on single-speed, coaster brake racing bicycles on a quarter-mile cinder track for 200 laps in the Men’s race and 100 laps in the Women’s.”

Race participants range from independent race teams to student groups such as fraternities and sororities. Since its inception in 1951, the student-organized event has raised over $1 million and last year, $154,000 was awarded to IU students in scholarships and grants.

Of course, the race was immortalized in one of the greatest cycling movies ever, Breaking Away. If you got a chance to watch last year’s race, or even just the final lap, you know how incredibly exciting this event can be. (Google it!)


207 MPH on a Bike!

Need I say more? This is one you just have to see to believe.

If you’ve ever thought that attaching a rocket to your bike would be a good idea, or dreamed of beating a supercar in a drag race on your bike, then you will definitely enjoy this!


Volvo’s LifePaint is a Super Cool Safety Tool

Volvo has developed a product called LifePaint, which it describes as “a unique reflective safety spray. Invisible by daylight, it glows brightly in the glare of car headlights. Making the invisible, visible.

“LifePaint washes off, and will not affect the color or surface of your chosen material, lasting for approximately one week after application.

“Though designed for safer cycling, LifePaint can be used in all sorts of ways. Applied to clothes, shoes, and helmets….”

Take a look at the volvolifepaint website.

Apparently, the product is being tested in and around London currently. Here’s hoping it makes it to the market worldwide.  – J.M.


Don’t Miss Coach Fred’s New eArticle: Marginal Gains

Roadies are taking advantage of Coach Fred Matheny’s bedrock-solid advice on how to improve through the power of “marginal gains.”

His newest eArticle, launched last week, focuses on “the idea that if you can identify dozens of very small improvements, each insignificant by itself, the combination of those miniscule gains would translate into a major overall improvement in performance.

It’s an idea that has potent consequences for recreational riders,” Coach Fred continues. “If we can pinpoint a few small changes in our bike fits, diets, training plans, event-day organization and many other areas of possible improvement, the resulting performance gains can be large. Look at it this way: a dozen changes, each yielding improvements of less than 1%, can result in total gains of 10% or more.”

Let that sink in for a minute: Instead of slavishly working on one big improvement at a time (the normal m.o. of roadies), we could instead – and without a whole lot of effort – tick off a dozen or so smaller improvements that, taken together, can make a sizable overall impact on our cycling.

Marginal Gains for Overall Performance Improvement: How to Identify Dozens of Micro-Improvements in Your Cycling is on sale now in the RBR eBookstore – for only $4.99; Premium Members pay only $4.24 after their standard 15% discount. (Don't forget: One of the perks of a Premium Membership is one free eArticle, so if you sign up or renew now, you can choose Marginal Gains as your freebie!)


Next Premium Member Give-Away: ISM Saddle of Your Choice!

Just in time for riding season, we’ve got our next Premium Member Prize lined up. Any new or renewing Premium Members between February 12 (when we gave away our last great prize) and April 30 are eligible for the drawing. We’ll announce the winner in the May 7 RBR Newsletter.

The contest winner gets their choice of any one (1) in-stock ISM saddle. ISM has offered to help the winner pick the best saddle for their needs, based on body dimensions, riding style, and other factors.

In case you missed it, Jim Langley reviewed the ISM Adamo Breakawy Saddle (pictured) recently and awarded it a full 5-star rating. Click the link to read his review.

As always, we want to thank our Premium Members for their support and urge all readers to consider becoming a Premium Member. In addition to the number of great cost-saving benefits and our regular give-aways of great cycling swag, Premium Members are our main source of financial support in keeping RBR alive and kicking.

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