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Study Finds Cyclists More Intelligent, Cooler than the Average Person

Finally, confirmation of what we cyclists have always known! As reported in the Independent, a psychological study conducted by scientists at Mindlab has found that people perceive cyclists to be more intelligent, more charitable and “cooler” than the average person. (I’ve been telling my wife that forever!)

The research was commissioned by the British Heart Foundation to mark its 39th London to Brighton Bike Ride. According to the Independent, the survey “found cyclists are considered to be 13 percent more intelligent and ‘cooler’ and 10 per cent more charitable than other people.

“Nearly a quarter of people in the study (23 percent) said they would prefer to date a cyclist over other sporting people. More than one in four (27 percent) would also want a cyclist on their pub quiz team, but only 18 percent would trust the trivia skills of a footballer.”

But wait, there’s more.

According to the study, 48 percent of those surveyed said they were more attracted to sports people than celebrities. And 63 percent said they love Lycra.

So next time your spouse, significant other or teenager snickers at you teetering through the house in your cleats and kit, you can demonstrate your obvious intelligence by citing this study that proves you’ve been right all along!

Here's the link: Mindlab study.


5 More Monthly Winners of RBR’s Waltz Caps Announced

Here are the winners of the March drawing from among new and renewing Premium Members for one of our stylish RBR-logoed lightweight Waltz Caps – just in time for the season:

John Semon of San Luis Obispo, California

Susan McWain of Canton, Michigan

Jeff Teller of Highland Village, Texas

Herman Bakker of Vancouver, Canada

Michele Mischler of Cincinnati, Ohio

Congratulations to all you! And my thanks to all of our stalwart Premium Members. Your support is vital – and greatly appreciated!

(If you’re interested in purchasing a cap, click Lightweight RBR-logoed Cycling Cap. Premium Member Price: $21.24 / Non-Premium Price: $24.99)

-- John

John, Thank you for all the great work in putting together a very useful and enjoyable newsletter and online resource.  I am definitely a better and more knowledgeable cyclist because of what you and your fellow authors have passed along. 

As for the free eArticle…thanks for the added incentive to renew. Though not necessary for me, it is much appreciated. May you continue to find success in this venture. Your efforts are definitely a blessing to many. Keep up the good work! Thanks! -- Kevin Peterson

For the Cyclist Who Just Can’t Get Enough

If you’re looking for a way to integrate cycling into one more area of your life – the time you spend sitting around playing board games with family or friends – you’re in luck.

An outdoor education company that produces board games has introduced The Schwinn Biking Game, in which you move your bike around the board by correctly answering bicycling trivia questions.

Each Biking Game question card features four questions at different levels of difficulty. Young players will answer the easiest Level 1 question, while adults and bicycling experts can answer Level 4 questions, making the game challenging for everyone playing. Questions range from identifying parts of a bike, to bicycling history and true/false statements. If a player answers the question correctly, the player earns another roll of the die and a chance to keep on ridin’.

The Schwinn Biking Game is suitable for players ages 4 and up. It can be played with 2-8 players and retails for $24.99. For more information, visit


Kindle Editions of Some RBR Titles Now Available

Slowly but surely, we’re working to make available some of our best-selling titles in Kindle editions for those of you who use the popular reader. We will continue to work though our catalog, and as new titles go on sale we’ll work to get those up on Amazon as well. Because Kindle editions are sold exclusively through Amazon, and Amazon takes its cut, there is no Premium discount available on Kindle editions.

Here are the RBR titles currently available in Kindle editions:


Are Tubeless Tires for You?

In our last two issues, we ran two Tech Talk columns from Jim Langley that featured a ton of his (and readers’) insight into tubeless tips and techniques.

In short, the columns showed that there’s a LOT of confusion about the differences between true tubeless and tubeless-ready or tubeless-compatible. Along with a good bit to know about appropriate tires, valve stems, sealant, and more.

All of this left one reader, Premium Member Eric Hollis, to comment: “After reading Jim's dissertation on keeping up the new tubeless tires, I think I'll stay with my clinchers, thank you.”

I’m guessing Eric is not alone in his “keep it simple” approach.

So in our poll question this week, we ask: After reading Jim’s columns on tubeless, Will You Consider Trying Tubeless Tires?

Cast your vote at: (and see the results of week’s Question of the Week there, as well).

April Riding – Hope Springs Eternal

Speaking of that last poll question, we asked How Much Time Per Week Do You Hope to Ride in April?

The results were across the board, but 19% of you hope to log more than 11 hours a week. Again, see the full results when voting on the current poll question.


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