KitaYoga Workout DVD

Price: $34.99

The Secret to Becoming Strong, Supple and Serene

by Joe & Maria Kita

Joe and Maria Kita (authors of our best-selling Book Yoga: A Quick and Effective Program for Cyclists) are registered yoga instructors, and Joe is the former editor of Bicycling magazine. In this, their first DVD, they present separate 30- and 45-minute workouts that are accessible to all levels. Maria demonstrates the full pose while Joe simultaneously shows the modified version, so the routines are always accommodating yet challenging. The DVD includes bonus One-Minute Workshops for such foundational poses as down-dog and warrior.

Although not cycling-specific, Kita Yoga Workout DVD: The Secret to Becoming Strong, Supple and Serene, is a great introduction to yoga that will help you gain more flexibility, balance, and body awareness for cycling. Research continues to show the value of fitness-building workouts that include yoga, strength and core training. As the Kitas wrote when developing their Yoga eBook for RBR, “Yoga has the potential to help you ride faster and farther with less effort – in addition to making you appear more limber and youthful.”

Special Yoga Book/DVD Bundle:  If you’ve been thinking about trying yoga for its cycling-related benefits, this deluxe bundle of the eBook and DVD includes everything you need to loosen up while building balance, strength and body awareness.

The DVD price is $34.99 for U.S. residents (FREE shipping & handling). Non-U.S. residents add $15 shipping & handling. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Note: DVD is standard definition, widescreen or 16:9, NTSC (US standard), and region free.

Customer Reviews:

I have been doing the Kita Yoga DVD a few times this summer. It's great when it's too hot to ride, but I should be doing it more as it really does help my flexibility. After doing a series of hill repeats the previous day, I noticed my lower back was tight. I made it through the group ride and did one of the Kita Yoga sessions that night. The next morning I felt great, and on my noon run I felt better than I have all summer.
I strongly recommend the Kita Yoga DVD. My wife and I do it together and we both have benefited from the yoga. Thanks for the great service. Glad I upgraded to a Premium Member. -- Pete Royer
I am a "seasoned roadie" (older) and Premium Member of RBR for a couple years now.  I have purchased a number of your eBooks, and I just received my new KitaYoga Workout DVD.
I found this to be an EXCELLENT DVD.  I thoroughly enjoyed … the workout. Me, being a complete novice, I think they did a great job of explaining the moves, how to get into the various positions, the breathing techniques, and it was timed out very well to allow time to try and mimic their moves.  And, they did great at explaining how to improve and refine during the pose.
I would certainly recommend this DVD to anyone who has been curious about learning Yoga. -- Tom Morton

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