High-Intensity Training for Cyclists, 15th Ed.

Price: $26.95

By Coach Arnie Baker, M.D.

According to author Arnie Baker, M.D., fitness results from genetic, serendipitous and planned events. In other words, you’re given it, you’re lucky or you work for it!

This 242-page book is about working for it. High-Intensity Training for Cyclists reveals how and what you can do to get fitter than ever, particularly for competitive events.

It is broken down into detailed sections, with practical training advice throught, backed by voluminous research, data and personal experience. (Coach Baker is quite an accomplished racer in addition to being a renowned coach.) The sections include: Training Basics, Interval Theory, Practical Training Tips, Standard (3-Month) HIT Program, Rapid (5 to 9 Weeks) HIT Programs, and an Interval Quiz to test the knowledge you've gained.

The new 15th edition, published in December 2012, is bundled with Coach Baker's exclusive yearly Training Log in MS Excel format. 

  • This edition has about 11 more pages, 13 new figures, and 3 more tables than the last published edition.
  • There is more information about training metrics, including training with power. 
  • There is more information about errors and limitations of training devices/computers/programs. 
  • There is updated information about interval training studies. 

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