Fred Matheny's Complete Book of Road Bike Training

Price: $39.95

By Coach Fred Matheny

Fred Matheny's Complete Book of Road Bike Training is the collection and reshaping of Coach Fred's four acclaimed eBooks:

Basic Training for Roadies

Off-Season Training for Roadies

Spring Training for Roadies

Supercharge Your Training

"This will become one of those books that defines the sport. Fred Matheny combines the best time-honored training strategies with the newest techniques to give you very effective training advice. Only a personal coach could help you better." ― Chris Carmichael of Carmichael Training Systems (CTS)

This is your motivational, highly readable and even entertaining guide to year-round road cycling improvement. It has techniques and workout schedules for three categories of riders -- fitness cyclists, fast recreational cyclists, and competitors. Thanks to Fred Matheny's clear and practical advice, you'll gain the know-how and confidence to become your own best coach for this season and every season ahead.

The $39.95 price represents a savings of $19.85 compared to the cost of the 4 individual eBooks (listed above) that make up The Complete Book of Road Bike Training.

Note: this is an eBook. Your purchase will be stored as a PDF file in your customer account on the website for downloading and printing.

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