Off-Season Conditioning Past 50

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12 Weeks to Greater Health and Fitness

By Coach John Hughes

Don’t take the off-season literally! That’s the first-sentence admonishment from Coach John Hughes. It’s more important than ever the older we get, he explains.

We need down time, to be sure: a physical and mental break from more time spent on the bike and other exercise. However, as we age we are more prone to injury. If we take part of the year off because of unpleasant conditions, we won’t perform as well as last year. As a result, we may push hard to regain last year’s fitness, increasing the risk of injury when we start exercising again. Further, according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), “there is considerable evidence that regular physical activity is associated with significant improvements in overall psychological health and well-being.” Seasonal Affective Disorder, seasonal depression resulting from less exposure to sunlight, is common. The holidays, although joyful, may also be stressful. Keep moving!

Whether your goal is long-lasting physical health, the joy of physical activity or continuing athletic performance, this 26-page eArticle will teach you what to do in the off-season. It’s divided into three parts:

  • Review of the physiological effects of aging.
  • Training modalities to combat these.
  • A 12-week off-season training program with a range of options.

This is the second eArticle in a four-part “Past 50” series by Coach Hughes that includes:

1.      Healthy Cycling Past 50

2.      Off-Season Conditioning Past 50

3.      Healthy Nutrition Past 50

4.      Performance Cycling Past 50

All 4 eArticles in the "Past 50" Series are available together in a cost-saving bundle.

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