Neck & Upper Back Pain and Cycling

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Prevention Techniques and Exercises for the Neck and Upper Back

This title also available in a Kindle edition.

By Alan Bragman, D.C.

Neck problems are the most commonly reported overuse injury associated with cycling. In his 30 years of practice, and from his own cycling experience, Dr. Bragman has seen and treated thousands of cases of neck and upper back pain. Causes can include riding position, technique and pre-existing anatomical and physiological factors. The keys to prevention are proper bike and equipment setup, proper riding technique, and strengthening and stabilizing the neck, shoulders and supporting upper back muscles through exercise. Another common cause of neck and upper back pain and tightness – trigger points – has its own array of treatment options, including self-treatment. Dr. Bragman provides detailed guidance across the range of prevention techniques, including bike setup and riding technique, strength and stability exercises for the neck, shoulders and upper back, and trigger point self-treatment exercises, illustrated with 13 color photos. This article is a must for cyclists suffering from neck pain, or for those who wish to prevent it.

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