Cycling Past 60, Part 1: For Health

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Focused Exercise Programs Based on Your Athletic Maturity

By Coach John Hughes

If you exercise correctly, you can slow the effects of aging; if you exercise incorrectly, you can speed up aging. That’s a key point of Cycling Past 60, Part 1: For Health.

Your body isn’t a harmonious whole, but is composed of different parts, each of which ages somewhat separately: the cardiopulmonary system; muscles; the skeletal system. And, as you age into your 60s and beyond, flexibility and balance increasingly are at risk of deterioration.

Cycling only stresses and keeps relatively young the cardiopulmonary system. If all you do is ride, you lose muscle mass, bone density, flexibility and balance in activities of daily living. Coach Hughes describes how your whole body ages and gives you six different health maintenance objectives for different components of your physiology, including comprehensive fitness programs that address these objectives.

Reader Review:

Mr. Hughes hits a home run with his new articles: Cycling Past 60 and Spring Training. Both are spot on, sensible, and leave room for flexibility. His clear conversational tone makes both easy, understandable reads. Helpful hints are well-mingled with his step-by-step approach. The best two purchases I've made from RoadBikeRider. A big thumbs up. -- Art Vincent

Coach Hughes shows you how to measure your “athletic maturity” to assess your relative fitness in terms of each of these aspects of good health. This eArticle includes three balanced, full-body exercise programs for different cyclists of different athletic maturities. The article also provides nutrition tips for healthy aging as well as advice on the importance of rest, recovery and sleep.

In this 24-page eArticle Coach Hughes incorporates the latest scientific research and clearly explains the implications for readers.

Cycling Past 60, Part 2: For Recreation builds on the foundation of information for 60+ riders in Part 1 and uses the concept of athletic maturity to design more rigorous programs for more athletically mature riders.

Both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Cycling Past 60 series are available together in a cost-saving bundle.

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