Cycling and Knee Pain

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How to prevent and treat knee pain in cyclists

By Alan Bragman, D.C.

“Knee pain remains the most common overuse injury associated with cycling,” says Dr. Alan Bragman. To understand why knee pain is so commonly associated with cycling, we need to first understand the structure and function of the knee joint. It’s a complex joint, to be sure, and Dr. Bragman takes us through a tutorial as he begins the article. It is likewise important to understand the common causes of knee pain, the roles of proper bike fit, setup, shoe and cleat positioning, as well as the affects of riding style and knee position. He provides guidance and tips in the article on how best to address these “common cause” issues, based on the roles they play in causing knee pain.

Fortunately, Dr. Bragman says, “strengthening and stabilizing the knee through exercises can help prevent knee problems. And if they do arise, I provide tips for treating, and recovering from, knee pain.” He provides a number of these strength-and-stabilization exercises in the article, and finishes with a section on treatment and recovery.

If you ever suffer from knee pain associated with riding – and, let’s face it, almost everyone does at some point – this article is for you.

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